The EU’s racial reconstruction of Europe

The other day, reader Ortelio informed us how the Lisbon treaty advertises itself as a charter for a nonwhite Europe. The cover of the official guide to the Lisbon Treaty—which if Ireland approves it in a referendum next month will turn the EU into a virtual sovereign state (a fact that the EU promoters never let on)—shows 15 people, six of whom are clearly nonwhite and two more of whom seem to be nonwhite. Meaning that the EU is presenting the population of Europe as being at least 40 percent, perhaps over 50 percent, nonwhite. Also, the only three white men in the photo are all in the back row and their heads are cut off by the margin of the photo. The obvious meaning of this is discussed in the earlier entry. But the photo I had used was small. Here is a larger one, along with the other photo that Ortelio had discussed.


Notice how the three white men’s heads are not only cut off by the margin, but in two instances, the irregular margin curves down to block out part of their heads.

In this next photo, which is also in the official guide to the Lisbon Treaty, we see the standard black male / white female pairing that has become de rigueur in liberal society, especially in advertisements. Here, two or three longhaired, pretty young white women gather, smiling and twittering, around the strapping young black male.


Remember that your standard race-blind conservatives, whether of the mainstream, neo-, or paleo- brand, will not see this campaign to bring the white West to an end, will not discuss it, because they think it’s immoral to believe that race matters. But the other side—the left and the nonwhites—do believe that race matters, and they are aiming to dispossess our race. And your race-blind conservatives have nothing to say against that. As a blogger said a while back to the race-blind paleocons, John Zmirak, “You may not be interested in race, but race is interested in you.”

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