State legislator calls on Baltimore mayor to resign if she won’t stop Inner Harbor gang violence

Yesterday WBAL reported:

McDonough Wants Mayor To Resign

Last week, he issued a news release with a headline “Black Youth Mobs Terrorize Baltimore on Holidays.”

He called on Governor O’Malley to order the State Police to shut down part of the Inner Harbor to prevent crime there.

Patrick McDonough—the first and so far
only politician in America to speak the truth

Today, Baltimore County Republican Delegate Pat McDonough is calling on Baltimore’s Democratic Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to resign, unless she begins enforcing night time curfews for teenagers.

He also wants a “solutions summit” called of community leaders to address the problem of youth crime, especially in the wake of a beating of a tourist from Virginia in front of Courthouse East during St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

“The focus has been on my comments which is not the real part of the problem. The mayor is the leader of the city. She is responsible for the police department. She’s responsible and has the power and authority to make a difference. I don’t,” McDonough told WBAL News.

” I’m a citizen who happens to be a state legislator who witnessed one of these events, and I’m very familiar with the violence occurring, and frankly I want something done.”

A spokesman for the mayor told WBAL News that McDonough is not showing respect to the efforts of the Baltimore City Police. [LA replies: “Not showing respect”! Since when does a politician respond to criticisms by another politican by saying that the latter is “not showing respect”? I don’t know, or have forgotten, whether the mayor is black, but this response by her spokesman strongly suggests that she is.]

“Del. McDonough is now trying to distract attention away from his earlier racially charged comments and his inappropriate attack on the Baltimore Police Department. As an elected official, Del. McDonough should show more respect and recognize the tremendous progress our police officers have made.” spokesman Ryan O’Doherty told WBAL News.

” For example, in the Central District alone, which includes downtown, overall violent crime is down 13%, property crime is down 5%, gun crime is down 36% and robberies are down 17% year-to-date.”

Police are planning on increasing patrols around the Inner Harbor this summer.

McDonough has also cited reports that Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld was forced to retire by the mayor.

Bealefeld has repeatedly said the decision to retire in August was his own, and the mayor tried to convince him to stay on the job

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A reader writes:

I believe the previous mayor of Baltimore, another black female, was the wife of a Congress critter and was indicted for fraud or sumptin’. Have to check that out.


Natassia writes:

She most definitely is black.

JC from Houston writes:

Mayor Rawlings-Blake is indeed black.

Rawlings-Blake replaced the previous black female mayor of Baltimore who was convicted of fraud.

B. writes:

See pic of Mayor below, she looks like a White African-American.


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