Even Krauthammer is better than the loser Limbaugh

While Rush Limbaugh, the supposed conservative champion, preemptively declares that the destroy-America bill is going to pass, Charles Krauthammer, the dark princeling of the neocons, a social liberal who supports homosexual rights, seeks an American-led global empire, and has never worried one iota about the transformation of American society resulting from Third-World immigration, states definitively that the bill is in trouble.

HUME: 48% oppose this bill, only 26% favor the bill…. Where does this matter now stand in terms of its prospects—Charles?

KRAUTHAMMER: When you get a public opinion poll that shows it has less support than the war in Iraq, you know it’s got trouble. And, actually, for the president to add this on his plate when he’s already reeling on the war in Iraq, very unpopular proposal is a form of political self-immolation. I’m sure is he sincere on this. I know he is. He has talked about it for decades. But this is a hell of a time to do it. And it’s a hell of a bill… .

I’d support amnesty, whatever you want to call it, overnight if you could have the president tell us that we have reduced illegal immigration across the southern border by 80 or 90 percent, instead of these bureaucratic triggers.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 24, 2007 02:53 PM | Send

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