A serious anti-Semite has some second thoughts

One of the anti-Semitic websites where I am regularly accused of being a Jewish fifth columnist seeking the destruction of the white race is Occidental Dissent. It’s mission statement says:

Occidental Dissent is a White Nationalist website. We support the creation of a Jew-free, racially exclusive White ethnostate in North America. We also advocate the ideal of White racial and cultural preservation in Europe and throughout the Western world.

The website’s author, who until recently called himself Prozium and now calls himself Hunter Wallace, has undergone a traumatic reversal concerning his own involvement with anti-Semitism. Over the last week he had been carrying on a lengthy dialog with the pro-Nazi Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, the slogan of which is “No Jews, Just Right.” The exchange must have been going swimmingly, since just three days ago, on December 16, Prozium/Wallace was triumphantly predicting great advances for white nationalism in the coming years. He concluded:

The vanguard or spearhead of this social movement is already emerging. You can see it happening here at TOQ Online and at Occidental Observer. Ten years from now, the movement won’t be divided between “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists.” This will be a thing of the past.

By “vanguardists” he evidently means Vanguard News Network and Alex Linder. He’s predicting a merging between the Linder types and the more moderate types like Jared Taylor.

Yet today, the 19th, as a result of being interviewed yesterday by Linder follower Jim Giles on internet radio, Wallace writes:

In my entire life, I have rarely felt so guilty or ashamed, or embarrassed: I had been carrying on with these people, apologizing for them, promoting them for months. I found out that I do have a moral sense. I went into the interview convinced that denouncing those to my right was a bad idea. I left the interview with the opposite point of view. It also occurred to me that I have been wrong about a lot of things.

For starters, I have been unfair to Guy White and Ian Jobling. It is clear to me now that the extreme anti-Semitism within the White Nationalist movement promoted by genocidal maniacs is a serious problem. At least in this respect, Guy White and Ian Jobling have a valid point. I’m not ready to go as far as friedrich braun has, but I am not in the least surprised by the path he has taken. Not at all.

I want nothing to do with Jim Giles or Alex Linder ever again. This will be the last post about either of them on this website. I have delinked their websites, banned their IP addresses, and added both to the comment filter. I want nothing to do with those associated with either of these men. They are free to spew their sick, disgusting, evil ideas on their own websites, but they will never again find a platform on mine.

I’m also taking a small break from blogging. I need a few days to sit down and seriously reflect upon everything else I may have been wrong about. I’ve spent way too much time on the internet lately. I’m exhausted and want to enjoy the Christmas season. I won’t touch the Jewish Question again before examining it with a moral eye. How did I become so morally broken that I was willing to engage these degenerates?

In the future, I won’t waste my talent making life easier for Jim Giles or Alex Linder to spread their hateful message … of that much I am certain. I’ve already advised others to do so as well.

Notice: This will be the last thread in which discussions of Alex Linder, Jim Giles, RFM, or VNN will be allowed.

Wallace also writes

For a week or so now, I had been debating Alex Linder on various issues…. I tried hard—damn hard—to separate the good from the bad.

This reminds me that the first and only time I had any contact with Linder it was instantly apparent what he was. However, Wallace deserves credit for admitting he’s been a jerk.

Wallace’s account of his interview with Jim Giles is somewhat confusedly written. He throws around a bunch of different names and it’s not clear right away what the positions of these different people are. Only gradually does it emerge that Giles is an ally of Linder’s.

- end of initial entry -

AJS, who sent the item, writes:

Alex Linder shows his true colors.

LA replies:

Linder calls for the extermination of all Jews on earth.

Also, he wonders if he’s the first person to advocate that. He says Hitler did not advocate that.

Leaving aside Hitler, Linder is not the first. There was William Pierce, who said he wanted (when the time came) to kill every Jew in the world:

from American Dissident Voices
Broadcast of April 8, 2000
Storm, Break Loose!

by Dr. William Pierce

… And that’s not all, by any means. The storm is brewing. The pressure is building. The Jews and the politicians may believe that they can keep the lid on. They may believe that by getting laws in the United States like they already have in Canada and Britain and many other countries, making it illegal to write or say anything which is Politically Incorrect—that is, anything which they can label as “hate speech”—they can delay the storm until it is too late for us to save ourselves.

They may be right, but I don’t think so. I think that storm will come soon enough to allow our people to redeem ourselves. I also think that when it comes it will be violent enough to blow every last member of their tribe to hell—and also everyone who has collaborated with them.

At least, I hope so.

A reader writes:

But did you actually listen to the Giles interview with Wallace? The host is deranged. He explains at one point that maybe we shouldn’t say kill all the Jews, but the leaders of a white movement need to understand that that’s what needs to be done. At the beginning he goes on about what a badass he was on the football field. Giles considers the repulsive Linder as some kind of hero.

I’ve listened to bits and pieces of a few interviews. Giles always brings up Greg Johnson’s sexual orientation. It’s creepy. Occidental Dissent pointed to another Giles rant.

Giles isn’t too bright. I’ve heard on good authority that he had a score on a standardized test that indicated he had an IQ of 95. You can tell by his nonsensical metaphors. While that’s not his fault, liberals don’t have people with double digit IQs representing them and neither should white nationalists.

LA replies:

I did listen to quite of bit of both linked programs. Even without the exterminate-the-Jews part, which I didn’t get to, Giles is a thuggish, menacing individual. I’m not surprised to learn about the below average IQ.

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