The Mexican invasion, and the American openness to it, reveal their ultimate end

American flag considered illegitimate, in America

Yesterday Live Oak High School in Morgan, California, an American high school, formally observed Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican national holiday. Some kids wore to school T-shirts with the American flag, as apparently they have done before. This was considered disrespectful to the students who were celebrating a Mexican national holiday in an American school. The kids with the American flag decal refused to turn their shirts inside out, and were sent home.

The truth is simple and unavoidable. Two nations cannot exist simultaneously in the same territory. We have invited into our nation the people of Mexico, many of whom are bringing their nation with them. Either we expel the hostile reconquistadors and their nation, or they will expel us and ours.

Michelle Malkin covers the story.

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Ingemar writes:

Wasn’t I right about relabelling Cinco de Mayo as “Cultural Subversion Day?”

May 8

LA writes:

A commenter pointed out (in a comment which has been mislaid) that a generation ago no one would be allowed to wear the U.S. flag on their clothing in school, or any other symbol or picture. This is of course true, and I thought of mentioning it in the original entry but didn’t.

And the reason I didn’t mention it, is that in our present culture, it is considered the norm to wear pictures, symbols, and national symbols on one’s clothing. It terribly lowers our entire culture that it is that way, but the reality is that it is that way. And in this actual situation in which we find ourselves, if Mexican students can trumpet their national holidays and national flag in an American school and American students cannot wear their national flag, then the Mexican nation is being promoted, and American nation is being prohibited. It is conquest by Mexicans, and surrender by American institution to that conquest, period.

Randy writes:

Why would the Mexican students be concerned about the American flag on “their” day of celebration of Mexican heritage? One of the white students told Mark Levin that the Mexican students often wear shirts with the Mexican flag. I also read that many of the Mexican students had the flag painted on their faces and arms.

The Mexican flag is the primary expression of how Mexican’s celebrate their cultural pride. The reality is that it is not about their day of cultural celebration or hispanic pride. It is gloating that they are in the process of achieving cultural domination and reclaiming “their” land.

Cinco De Mayo is now nothing more than celebration of Reconquista.

Robert B. writes from Minnesota:

You won’ t believe this, from Little Green Footbals:

The wingnut blogosphere is fuming and hissing with outrage over this story today: Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees.

What? They were kicked out of school just for wearing US flag clothing? Outrage!

But as usual with these trumped up nontroversies, there’s a bit more to the story. Is it possible they weren’t just expressing their patriotism, but were in fact using the American flag as a deliberate insult to Hispanic students? Why yes, it is.

For me, it goes without saying that anyone can fly the American flag anytime they want to in America and that no flag, under correct protocol, can be flow above ours or ever take precedence, that is, if there is still an “American Nation”.

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