How liberals are responding to the discrediting of the African maid and the collapse of the case

Dean Ericson writes:

It’s lovely waking to thunder and rain on a Sunday summer morning in Manhattan. A cup of coffee, crank up the computer, and up pops the Sunday paper, the New York Times, and there above the electronic fold is the story, “Strauss-Kahn Case Adds to Doubts on Prosecutor.” “Adds to doubts”?—gotta love the Times understatement. And the story shows 251 comments. So, curious to see what the libs have to say, I click my way over. (Remember how, back in the day, people used to stop by Bedlam?—Bethlehem Royal Hospital, London’s infamous madhouse—to peep in at the inmates and laugh at their antics?)

I am not disappointed, for there in one of the first cells an inmate, aptly named “feelin’ adrift,” has posted this classic bit:

Who are you people to judge this victim? She came to this country to escape unimangible horror, the likes of which would make the readers (who live comfortable, Western lives) want to run for the hills. She has seen others who share her religion being persecuted in places such as Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. She has expeienced first hand the persecution that is suffered by women worldwide, especially single mothers such as herself. She has expereinced the degrdation the U.S. visits upon immigrants who seeks asylum. Then she was accosted by a rich, white man who was imposing a personal brand of imperialism upon her. And you want to judge her by Western standards, the same standards that are responsible for the degredation that are visited upon her. Throw DSK in jail for a long time. Give this brave woman an immediate path to U.S. citizenship. Judge not lest you be judged. The Manhattan District Attorney should be commended for championing the rights of this poor victim.

That loony displays all the classic symptoms of Liberal Progressive Dementia, enlivened by droll misspellings. And it is “Recommended by 64 Readers.” Make that 65 readers, since I recommend it too. Next, we have this more subtle form of madness, “recommended by 201 readers”:

Let’s not forget that, according to all parties, a sexual encounter did take place, and that it is hard to imagine a plausible scenario for consensual sex, especially one without money changing hands. All that have been discovered are challenges to the accuser’s credibility, but people with sketchy pasts can still get raped. The DA’s office is just following the evidence and appears to be maintaining integrity and honesty through this process. We must all follow the evidence where it takes us, and it is too early to call this an mistaken prosecution. Without 20/20 hindsight, it is certainly impossible to have called this an inappropriate prosecution.

I love that, “we must all follow the evidence where it takes us”—but first we must haul a man off his plane and give him an anal exam before throwing him in Rikers and wrecking his reputation and holding fatuous press conferences on courthouse steps by pimping prosecutors eager for publicity. THEN we can start following the evidence. Hah! Amused by these nutty antics I decide to post my own comment for the entertainment of the inmates:

Cy Vance let himself get snookered like a rube at a three card monte table. He got so hot for the Big Case that could make him Mayor he lost his head. Lisa Friel, head of the Sex Crimes Unit, smelled a rat from the get-go and told Vance to be very careful, but did he listen?—no! Instead, he fired Friel and jumped in with both feet because it’s the kind of case that inflames the lust of an ambitious liberal prosecutor: a famous rich white man accused of raping a poor black victim! Just like that prosecutor in the Duke rape case, Mike Nifong, who thought his mad ambition would be furthered by convicting whites accused of raping a black, so he based his whole flimsy case on the lies of a prostitute (who was later convicted of murder). Vance has demonstrated an incompetence and bad judgment as flaming and embarrassing as Anthony Weiner’s. He has made New York a laughing stock and filled France with disgust and enmity against us. The man has simply got to go.

I then high-tailed it out before the feces flinging and screeching reached a crescendo.

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