Dhimmi Prince Charlie?

The Prince of Wales is coming to the United States next week to try to persuade President Bush that America has been too intolerant of and confrontational toward Muslims since 9/11, and that it needs to appreciate Islam’s “strengths.” At least, that’s what Chief Reporter Andrew Alderson tells us in the Telegraph. But when you read the article carefully, you see that all of Charles’s nice statements about Islam, of which Alderson quotes many, are from November 2001 or earlier, and that the story provides not a jot of evidence for Alderson’s claim that Charles intends to urge President Bush to show greater tolerance for Islam—which it seems highly unlikely Charles would do even if he wanted to. Since when does the Prince of Wales tell the British prime minister how he ought to do his job, let alone the U.S. president?

Today’s reporters writing the news are like Supreme Court justices interpreting the Constitution: they say whatever they damn feel like.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 29, 2005 10:52 PM | Send

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