Something in the way she moves


Obama and Hillary, accompanied by Rahm Emanuel, are photographed walking with long strides across a brightly sun-lit D.C. street on their way to the nuclear arms summit, reminding a commenter at The Thinking Housewife of the Beatles on the cover of Abbey Road. But what is it that, as Kristor puts it, makes the U.S. leaders look like Dukakis in the tank? See my answer at The Thinking Housewife.

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John P. writres:

I get the impression that Obama is “gaming” Hillary and successfully. Any man knows you don’t stride forcefully when you are accompanied by a woman—they can’t keep up. I’ve seen other photos of them together where it seems like he’s purposely making her look weak, as if he knows she was his primary competition and he’s following the Godfather’s recommendation, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

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