George Zimmerman, political prisoner of Black-Run America

Nicholas Stix, writing earlier today, thought, like me, that Zimmerman would probably be charged with manslaughter. He wrote:

According to NBC News, special prosecutor Angela Corley is going to charge George Zimmerman with some crime today, likely manslaughter. Because Corley did not convene a grand jury, she cannot charge Zimmerman with first degree murder.

Since Zimmerman violated no law, there is no basis for any indictment. The indictment, if the report proves true, is completely politically motivated, and entails throwing Zimmerman to the howling, racist black mob, in the hopes that it will stop expected race riots. It will not. Blacks will riot. Blacks have been rioting constantly, since the inauguration of the John Doe called Barack Obama. The rioting will only get worse.

As is happening more and more to non-blacks declared enemies by black supremacists, George Zimmerman will be a political prisoner. [LA replies: Let us remember that Sherman McCoy, the unfortunate protagonist of The Bonfire of the Vanities, in effect becomes, in the last part of the book, a political prisoner.]

Angela Corley is acceding to the demand made for almost one month by the black supremacist lawyer for Trayvon Martin’s parents, Benjamin Crump, along with Al Sharpton: Charge Zimmerman, and let him prove himself innocent in court…. But as far as blacks are concerned, whites, and those whom they have deemed white enough, are metaphysically guilty, and can never prove their innocence.

It is virtually impossible for George Zimmerman to get a fair trial anywhere in the United States. Just as in the unconstitutional, federal double jeopardy trial of the four LAPD officers who beat Rodney King, the jurors will be intimidated into sacrificing Zimmerman to “the 13th juror”—the racist black mob, threatening to riot. And blacks, with the implicit support of the John Doe calling himself Barack Obama—intend to murder George Zimmerman, anywhere he is, whether in jail, prison, or the street.

Stix concludes by urging Zimmerman to flee to Peru, his mother’s native country, and claim political asylum there.

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