What happens when one party accepts the rules, and the other party doesn’t, and the first party accepts the other party’s non-acceptance of the rules?

James N. writes:

Wisconsin reveals the asymmetry between the two parties, and I’m not sure that it’s been mentioned enough.

When Democrats win, they say, “We won,” and Republicans say, “Yes, you did.” Republicans accept the legitimacy of elections for deciding outcomes, and the Democrats get what they want.

When Republicans win, they (perhaps) say, “We won.” But the Democrats don’t then say, “Yes, you did.” They commence a non-republican process of undermining the resulting governments by propaganda, by obstruction, and now, in Wisconsin, by semi-violent direct action. And their leaders? Nancy Pelosi is “proud.” Howard Dean sends the Wisconsin 14 illegal contributions to sustain their obstruction. The President, far from offering aid to the civil, legally elected government of Wisconsin, attacks it and provides aid and comfort to those disrupting the orderly processes of republican administration. This is all surrounded by hordes of 1968 graduates and wannabes, acting out with no fear of consequences. That there are licensed physicians forging “sick notes” is particularly grievous to me. The media celebrates the disruptors.

This cannot end well. Sooner or later, it will occur to those who oppose a communist America that electoral politics is a rigged game, wherein the socialists win when they win and win also when they lose.

History teaches us what comes then.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 23, 2011 08:47 AM | Send

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