To a world waiting with bated breath, David Frum explains his New Conservatism

Alex K. writes:

Frum says:

‘The modern world is a fact, [conservatives] have to accept it. Views on family and sexuality have changed, views on race have changed, and conservatives need to work with that, as conservatives have so successfully done in other countries, like Britain and Canada.”

It starts around three minutes in.

Maybe he does this all the time, but the model of Britain, Canada and Germany he explicitly cites here is the first time I’ve understood Frum’s vision for conservatism clearly. Without his favorable citation of these examples of “conservative” “success,” I never would have known just what his new majority angle was exactly.

LA replies:

Fantastic, what a world. It turns out that Frum’s New Conservatism for a New Majority is …

David Cameron conservatism!

Brian Mulroney conservatism!

Any questions?

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October 3

Alan M. writes from Canada:

Conservative in all of those countries equates to leftish democrats in the U.S.

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