How boring can a campaign get?

It used to be that presidential candidates simply announced their candidacy. Think of Robert Kennedy’s dramatic announcement from the Senate Democratic caucus room in March 1968, just four days after Sen. Eugene McCarthy’s stunningly strong showing against President Johnson in the New Hampshire primary.

Then things changed due to campaign finance laws. A prospective candidate would initially announce the formation of his exploratory committee, a legal entity which gave him the right to test the waters and raise funds without being formally a candidate. Then if the waters seemed good and the funds were forthcoming, he would announce his actual candidacy.

Now the process has been broken down into yet more stages. Romney announced his exploratory committee some months ago. Everyone assumed that he was a sure bet to declare his actual candidacy next. But no. A couple of days ago the Romney campaign made a formal announcement that that he will be making the formal announcement of his candidacy on June 2. Wow. A whole week to anticipate the big moment. The man is trying to kill us with boredom. Or he thinks a presidential candidacy is the equivalent of a royal progress. Maybe he thinks that’s the way to beat Emperor Obama.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 27, 2011 06:59 PM | Send

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