Republican establishment taking notice of Giuliani’s “weirdness”

The editors of the Wall Street Journal take Rudolph Giuliani to task for the infamous cell phone call. The editorial uses pretty strong language for the Journal, which I assume favors Giuliani along with the rest of the neocons. Here’s its conclusion:

Mr. Giuliani has run an impressive campaign so far, especially on the issues. He has a record of accomplishment in New York, and he projects the kind of executive competence that many Americans want in a President. The rap on his candidacy, however, is that his personal history and behavior are simply too strange for someone who wants to sit in the Oval Office. Voters will decide whether that’s true, but if nothing else Mr. Giuliani ought to be aware of this vulnerability and do nothing to compound it.

“That was just weird,” one NRA audience member told the New York Post about the phone interruption. Mr. Giuliani doesn’t need more weird.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 27, 2007 09:24 AM | Send

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