Columnist: Cameron “has learned nothing, will do nothing.”

Yesterday, based on some extraordinary recent statements from David Cameron, I cautiously raised the possibility that the Doughy One is not just tossing around his usual public relations formulae but is serious in his challenge to the leftist British system that created the rioter class. Tough-minded James Delingpole at The Telegraph is having none of such hopes. He says Cameron “has learned nothing, will do nothing.”

Delingpole sizes up the world

However, Delingpole’s burning rage is so multidirectional that it’s hard to understand just what he thinks Cameron should do. Yes, one thing Delingpole wants is clear: the PC leadership of Britain’s police must be replaced. I absolutely agree. Delingpole wants William Bratton brought in from America, a step Cameron apparently flirted with then abandoned in the face of opposition from his Home Secretary Theresa May. But I question whether Bratton’s emphasis on “community policing” is what the British need at this point.

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