Liberal Supreme Court justice vacations with his wife and without security in the most violent nation per capita on earth, and guess what happens to them?

Paul K. writes:

It was reported tonight that Justice Stephen Breyer and his wife were robbed at machete-point in their vacation home on the Caribbean island of Nevis. Some may wonder if this will create a new conservative on the court, in keeping with the old theory of what happens when liberals get mugged. Alas, I think the Auster Law of Majority-Minority Relations rules in this case [LA replies: meaning that the worse the behavior of certain designated minority groups becomes, the more their behavior is covered up or blamed on the majority]. After all, there is precedent: Justice Ginsburg had her purse snatched on a Washington street in 1996, and Justice Souter was mugged by “teens” while jogging in 2004. Neither experience noticeable altered their perspective.

One would have hoped that a Supreme Court Justice would be wiser than to buy a vacation home in Nevis. This island and its neighbor Saint Kitts which together form the smallest nation in the Americas, have a combined population of only 42,000, yet they had 33 murders in 2011. According to a United Nations report, the Caribbean islands have the highest per capita murder rate in the world, and of all the islands Nevis’s murder rate is the highest, out-distancing Jamaica, according to an article in “The Gleaner.”

LA replies:

Obviously Breyer does not read VFR. In particular he did not read our important discussion in July 2008 about the precautions that a reasonably prudent person must follow when vacationing in a black tropical paradise. See also this, this, and this, about the unhappier fate of other people who do not or did not read VFR. The title of the last linked news story, “British husband left paralysed and wife who lost part of her jaw in horrific machete attack on Caribbean island,” shows how lucky Breyer and his wife were.

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