America’s vocation and destiny: midwife to a new black race (and a new Muslim race, and a new Hispanic race…)

Samuel H. writes:

First time respondent to VFR. Seeing as there have been quite a few entries concerning race the past few days at VFR, I’d like to add an observation on that issue.

In looking at Obama’s entourage I’ve noticed quite a few women, both white and black, such as Anita Dunn and Valerie Jarrett, from his earliest Chicago days. When standing around him they appear to have such motherly smiles. This phenomenon reminds me of the midwife.

It appears to me that America has been re-imaged as a midwife to give birth to the black as the New Man, emergent from oppression. Thus the “sacralization of the black man” (as you’ve phrased it elsewhere). The expectation is that once the gestation period is over (with its attendant pains of development), we will have a new black race, on a par and equal with all others. When the barriers are removed, the black man will have all the traits and properties of the white man. That is the liberal line.

The conservative line is that the black man can train himself to leap past the hurdles; however we will try and remove them anyway just to make sure the leap is not insurmountable.

However here is my question. What if NEITHER position is true? The conservative is hoping that equality can be achieved through individual effort. The liberal is hoping that equality can be achieved through group and government effort. BUT WHAT IF THERE IS NO EQUALITY POSSIBLE, PERIOD, REGARDLESS OF THE TYPE OF EFFORT? Has anyone considered that line? That bears enormous implications for our society and politics …

LA replies:

I like your trope of America’s chosen vocation as midwife to a reborn black race. As for your question, of course the equality is not possible. But liberals can never admit that, and remain liberals. Meaning they can never admit that, without becoming evil in their own eyes. They will hold on to the liberal dream until it has destroyed the civilization.

I have said many times that liberalism is doomed, and that the only question was whether liberalism would die before it had destroyed our civilization, thus allowing the civilization to live, or after it had destroyed our civilization. I am now tilting to the latter, more pessimistic view: liberalism is so deeply entrenched in Western institutions and in the souls of Western people that it will not come to an end until after it has destroyed our civilization, and, by destroying the civilization, destroying itself.

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TT writes:

Regarding the notion that America can midwife a new black man, there are also an awful lot of people including many conservatives who think that America through “rule of law” will be able to change Islam, that somehow though it has never happened in fourteen centuries Islam will merge and coexist as an equal in America. And if Islam is allowed to spread unchecked, even the dissolution of the federal government and a reversion to individual states governing won’t be able to solve that problem.

LA replies:

Except that individual states would not be stopped by the First Amendment from restricting or banning Islam.

Jake Jacobsen writes:

Wow, that rang a bell. My experience at the illegal aliens’ march in Los Angeles in March 2006 was exactly the same, the only difference being that it was about Hispanics.

I wrote at my blog at the time:

While attending the illegal immigrant reconquista march today I made a point of stopping every so often and chatting with observers.

I noticed this lady was crying so I asked permission to snap a photo and then asked why she was crying. She informed me that she had been working with “these folks” for a number of years and she wanted them to feel at home here.

Let me start by saying this was a very nice lady, she truly was. I’m sure those who know her would say she has an enormous heart.

But she’s an idiot and indicative of a phenomenon I noticed along the march’s path. Upper crust white women lined the path and had a look on their faces I can only describe as a mother watching her child. It was a species of pride that galled my soul.

It was almost unbelievably arrogant, but arrogance cloaked in compassion. And this type of empty headed compassion is killing this country. We can’t allow every person on the planet to enter so where do we draw the line? …

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