Obama’s half billion investment in Solyndra was indefensible, wasn’t it? Not to Ezra Klein

Ezra (“Just Do It”) Klein

I’ve been critical of Andrew Breitbart’s “Big” family of websites because of the partisan, low-brow character of many of their articles. Here is an exception, a piece by Dana Loesch quoting and taking apart the over-rated leftist blogger Ezra Klein. Klein, showing how true-blue (or true-red) he really is, defends Obama’s disastrous $535 million loan guarantee to the solar panel company Solyndra. A half-billion in tax payer revenues, destroyed. Klein thinks it was a neat idea.

In February 2010 I wrote about Klein’s all-out, Bolshevik-style advocacy of Obamacare.

Here are other VFR entries discussing Klein.

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Paul Nachman writes:

Sometime in the past couple of years I sent a note to Klein’s WaPo email saying that I could tell from looking at his picture that he’s a smug *****. Surprisingly, he didn’t reply. [LA replies: Don’t you hate when that happens?]

The picture in question is the one you used here. Where you wrote, among other things, this:

These Bolshevik types are willing to wreak any amount of torture and damage on the American people in order to have their way.

It’s a good observation. And it reminds me of this long history, written in the mid-1990s, of the repeated attempts to enact what was ultimately labeled Medicare, culminating in its 1965 passage. I read the article recently and was left with the central, infuriating impression that these folks were relentless. Didn’t matter that the country didn’t want it nor how dishonest they had to be to get their way: They were determined to get their way.

Long (10,500 words), as I said, but I consider it a very worthwhile thing to read. It’s more than a mere play-by-play. It focuses on the several strategies that were used.

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