Conservatives’ unhealthy obsession with Obama

Why are these the three top items at’s Must Reads today?

President goes golfing after a morning
hike and workout

Pictures with babies, a ton. Pictures with
caddies, none

While President Obama Arrives in Hawaii Amidst Security
and Fanfare, Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Slips Quietly into Big Island Resort

Occupy Wall Street protestors must be asleep in some park.

The Duke of Edinburgh leaves hospital
It takes three cars to collect Prince Philip after major
heart surgery, forty to take O to golf

Of what possible importance are Obama’s activities on his vacation, let alone of such importance that we “must” read about them?

What is at work here is conservatives’ consuming personal animus against Obama, which does not bode well for them in 2012. Democrats had a consuming personal animus against George W. Bush in 2004 and they were sure they were going to defeat him, and they were shattered, literally traumatized, when he was re-elected. I hope I am wrong, but I keep seeing disturbing signs that the same thing is going to happen to the Republicans next November.

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Bob A. writes:

You are a Johnny-come-lately to Lucianne so you are to be excused for not realizing that Lucianne has never been a reactionary, traditionalist or conservative web site. I was banned twice for criticizing Jorge Bush’s immigration policies (among others). Yes, Lucianne is a reasonably good conservative news aggregator however expression is strictly controlled. No high octane conservative opinions will be tolerated. I will say, it does seem to be improving but many of its most conservative prolific contributors have left for greener pastures (such as your web site!).

LA replies: has been my favorite source for news and opinion for the last ten years. I’ve been regularly linking and discussing (especially with regard to its religious adoration for GW Bush) since I started blogging. So apparently you are the Johnny come lately—to VFR. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Bob A. replies:

I stand corrected!

However, I do stand by my observation that it is not reliably conservative and controls expression of conservative criticism of their favorites—Jorge Bush being a case in point.

Mitchell B. writes:

It’s perfectly reasonable to have an all-consuming hatred of Obama. He is a rigid, dim, affirmative-action parasite who has no interest at all in solving any real problems. He is merely expanding all the Bush-era policies in a criminal, left-wing money and power grab. He couldn’t care less what happens to this country or its white citizens. His character is also contemptible. Obama is essentially an emotionally-fragile overgrown adolescent whose juvenile fantasy is to be perceived as a Big Man. I hate him and everything he stands for.

That being said, I agree that Republicans are treating him very strangely. They aren’t really attacking him for the evil policies he espouses (which the Republican leadership has very little problem with), but they are essentially spreading catty gossip about his tendency to put on airs and make insulting statements about decent citizens. The Republicans are terrified of being accused of racism, so they won’t really attack him where it hurts. The Republicans are as guilty as Obama for wrecking the U.S., so they can’t really attack him for that either.

Personally, I don’t think the Republicans are serious about beating Obama. They are much too afraid of the “Magic Negro.” I think their attitude is that if Obama beats himself, which they think likely, then that’s fine, but the Republicans aren’t going to go out of their way to provide a real alternative. The GOP is as much afraid of that as the Democrats.

The GOP’s attitude is manifesting itself in its candidates. They are so confident that Obama will beat himself that they feel that they can give their strongest support to their most worthless hacks and mental patients, and a frightened people will embrace them. And if the GOP doesn’t win, then they’ll just continue to join hands with their good friends across the aisle in order to ram more bipartisan left-wing fascism down our throats. Amnesty for illegal third-worlders seems to be a popular cliff to jump off, and more legal third-worlders can’t be far behind as we hit rock bottom. They will continue to do exactly the very things that will continue the destruction of the economy. They will continue to construct a fascist police state. They will continue to lie, cheat and steal. Our leaders are desperate, frightened cowards who have the moral principles of rabid weasels. There is no man of destiny on the horizon.

I do a lot of chatting and commenting on Tea Party websites and blogs and most of those people are earnestly trying to decide who to vote for. I don’t see anybody to vote for at all, and I think a lot of people are having a very difficult time understanding the bizarre fact that our government is literally the worst enemy white Americans have. It’s a frightening fact and it seems that most white people are not ready to end the abusive relationship with our loathsome governing elites. Most of the Tea Partiers I run across still can’t bear to think that evil communist traitors might have reason to call them racists. We must become as openly and offensively politically incorrect as possible. We must stop preemptively surrendering. No one in government today is even close to leading us in that direction.

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