Conservatism remains unserious

Ben W. writes:

Notice how conservatives studiously avoid the subject of race. In this article at FrontPage Magazine, “Detroit: the Future face of America,” the author describes the precipitous decline of Detroit. He discusses the corrupt city administration and mentions all sorts of causes of decline (mainly attributable to “large government”). At no time does he mention race, although reading between the lines, government corruption at all levels of the city is directly attributable to blacks.

It has become chic for conservatives to blame “big government” and the socialist approach in many situations when what is really meant is the low level of ethics of blacks in control. Conservatives are dancing around the subject, even when discussing problems in Africa supposedly attributable to “socialism.” And yet we all know what this conservative-speak really means…

LA replies:

I’ll repeat what I said 15 years ago:

In my view, given current demographic realities, any conservative politics that lacks these principles [of racial reality] cannot be a serious politics.

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