Instead of deporting violent illegal alien, government releases him and he commits murder

A Chinese illegal alien assaulted a Chinese-American businesswoman in New York in 2006. Instead of being deported, he was released. He then returned to New York, ambushed the woman outside her apartment and hammered her and stabbed her to death. Then …

Accused Queens killer Huang Chen ripped out victim Qian Wu’s heart and lungs, cops say
New York Daily News, January 28th 2010

A Queens murder took a macabre turn Wednesday as cops revealed they are searching for a heart and lungs carved from the victim.

The accused killer, Huang Chen, is in custody—but what he did with Qian Wu’s organs after the vicious slaying is a mystery, police said.

“The victim’s heart and lungs were ripped from the body and apparently have not been recovered,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

Wu, 46, was bashed with a hammer and knifed as she returned home with a gallon of milk on Tuesday evening, sources said.

Chen, 47, was charged with murder, stalking, weapons possession and tampering with physical evidence. An undocumented Chinese immigrant, Chen had been tormenting Wu for years, apparently because the employment agency she ran with her husband couldn’t find him work.

“For whatever reason, he felt slighted,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Wednesday. “And he went back and began this series of harassment, basically threats.”

After he choked and punched Wu in 2006, he was sent to El Paso, Tex., for deportation proceedings. Instead of throwing Chen out of the country, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put him on supervised release, a source said.

He returned to New York last week and confronted Wu, who had numerous court-issued orders of protection against him.

Wu’s grief-stricken husband, Yung Wei Guo, said he gave the loon $200, telling him: “My wife is scared of you. Don’t come again.”

The couple reported Chen’s menacing return to the 109th Precinct, filing a harassment complaint Friday.

But the intimidation campaign came to a grisly end about 5 p.m. Tuesday after Chen followed Wu from a store to her building on 40th Road in Flushing.

He followed her inside and, as she opened her apartment door, hit her with the hammer 18 times and stabbed her over and over.

“This individual … stabs her very viciously, assaults, eviscerates her body,” Kelly said.

Chen then went to his apartment in the same building and changed out of his bloody clothes, Browne said. His landlady, Wenxin Zhang, 54, helped him clean up blood, according to a criminal complaint.

Still wearing bloody sneakers, Chen was caught on surveillance video leaving the building with Zhang, who was holding a bag.

Chen dumped the bag—filled with bloody clothes, a hammer and a knife—at a nearby park. He then headed to New York Hospital Queens, where he claimed he had been robbed and sought treatment for leg and hand wounds. Zhang was charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Wu’s husband broke down last night as he recalled how his “generous and compassionate” wife had gone out to buy him groceries. He was sleeping because he had to go to work early the next day. “She felt bad I had to go out of town to work,” he said through an interpreter. “I told her not to go, but she insisted.”

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