Entire staff of NR flees unsuitable motel in unsuitable neighborhood in Charlotte, following Derbyshire’s rules

In a hilarious article at Vdare, James Fulford reports how the Democratic Convention assigned the writers and staff of National Review to a motel in Charlotte, North Carolina that was not exactly up to the boys’ standard, and they immediately decamped to a nicer place across the state line in South Carolina. What was wrong with the motel? Well, it was low-class, dangerous, and—though none of the chestless ones used the word in their horrified accounts of their ordeal—black. In other words, they were following the very same John Derbyshire rules for which Derbyshire was fired from NR, with the unanimous support of every person at that magazine. Fulford even quotes the relevant rules: 10(f), 10(b), and 10(i).

Fulford used Google Street View to get this shot of some youths hanging out on a street corner near the motel that was not good enough for Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, and the rest:


Fulford adds: “I’m sure if Obama had a son, he’d look like at least one of these kids.”

Other publications whose staff fled their assigned motels in the black-run city of Charlotte are The Daily Caller and Politico, both of which also denounced Derbyshire for speaking the truth about black violence and how to avoid being victimized by it.

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September 7

LA to a reader in England, who forwarded the Fulford article:

Thanks much for sending. It’s a terrific article. I posted on it last night.

The reader in England replies:

I wonder what the black and mixed race reporters thought as all their colleagues (and probably themselves too) freaked out and headed towards other hotels in better areas. Did any of them acknowledge that this is the standard which black culture often produces? And if they did acknowledge that, would any acknowledge that the problem may lie in black/mixed race people themselves as opposed to “racism” “bigotry,” “slavery,” etc.?

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