Romney happy, Obamas grumpy

A reader linked this photo earlier today from the Washington Examiner, and then Drudge picked up on it, with the headline “SKYFALL” linking to a New York Times article, “After Debate, Obama Team Tries to Regain Its Footing.” It’s such an extraordinary image that I must join the crowd:


Romney looks the way a friend of mine always describes him: a Mormon, busy as a bee, and loving his work. (The friend has just reminded me that Mormons use the bee as their symbol.)

Another notable thing about the photograph is that it must have been taken before the debate, but the Obamas look as though they’ve already lost.

UPDATE, October 5: According to the Washington Examiner, the photo was taken after the debate. I had assumed it was before, because why would Romney be standing at his lectern looking at his notes after the debate was over? The Examiner headline is: “Photo: President Obama and First Lady appear stunned after first debate.” And the photo caption answers my question: “Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney gathers his notes while President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle try to leave the stage following the first presidential debate at the University of Denver, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012, in Denver.” The fact it was taken after the debate makes the photo far more damaging to Obama. If it had been before, then the photo could be seen as simply an odd moment when the Obamas happened to look glum and Romney looked happy, and not really meaning anything. But that it was taken after the debate means that the Obamas were in fact very cast down by the debate, to the point of being devastated, and they let the world see it.

Now look at those two men. Let’s say you had a large enterprise and you needed to choose someone to lead it. Which of these two men would you pick? The Romney campaign should spread this photograph around the country.

Also, Obama does remind one of Jimmy Carter here, with that embittered, shrunken look that Carter acquired toward the end of his presidency.

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