The positive news from Iraq that has been suppressed

VFR is pleased to present to its readers this exclusive report about progress in Iraq that, because of the Bush-hatred of the mainstream media, has never, until this moment, been released to the American people.

First of all, as amazing as this is, the terror insurgency is mainly active in only about 20 percent of Iraq. The rest of Iraq only has occasional terrorist attacks. No one has ever informed the American public of this amazing fact. We at VFR are the first to do so. It’s important that you know. Most people believe that 99.9 percent of Iraq is undergoing continual terrorist bombing. But this is not true. The fact that only 20 percent of Iraq is undergoing frequent terrorist bombing, as has been the case since mid-2003, shows that the insurgency is not as bad as people believe.

Second, the Iraqi people have already participated in three elections—made possible by the U.S. military’s literally shutting down the country—and are committed democrats. This is the kind of thing that you don’t know about if you only follow the MSM.

Third, after two and a half years, battle-ready, or at least patrol-ready, Iraqi batallions are coming online, and only need support from U.S. troops.

Fourth, our troops are achieving impressive kill ratios in their search and destroy missions against the terrorists. Of course, this hasn’t affected the overall rate of terrorist attacks in Iraq, but no one ever said this would be easy. Remember also, before concluding that continual terrorism in Iraq makes democracy impossible, that through most of its history, the United States hasn’t been any better than Iraq. Indeed, only in the 1990s did the rates of women members in law firms come even close to equaling the proportion of women in the general population, and, even now, in the year 2005, we only have our second female Secretary of State, whereas in Iraq, thanks to the sex-proportionality rule that we required them to put in their constitution, one third of the members of the National Assembly must be women. So please let us dispense with this arrogant and racist notion that our democracy is somehow superior to Iraq’s.

Fifth, the Sunnis are starting to support the new government, encouraged by the inclusive reconcilation agreement among Iraq’s three main factions hammered out in Cairo two weeks ago, at the behest of our brilliant Secretary of State (run, Condi, run!), that made Sunnis feel more welcome in the new government by declaring that terrorist attacks on U.S. servicemen constituted legitimate national resistance.

Sixth, our efforts to deliver electricity, water, and oil to the Iraqi economy are coming along smartly, and are expected to reach pre-war levels by 2012.

Seventh, the morale of our troops is extremely high, as shown by re-enlistment rates. To a man and woman, they express an understanding of the importance of their mission, which is, as they put it (echoing President Bush’s Second Inaugural Address last January), to make the whole world free and democratic, since only when tyranny and dictatorship have been banished from the whole world, will we be secure in America.

Eighth, the commitment of the Iraqi people to democracy has been demonstrated by their approving a Constitution that includes a provision, insisted on by the Shi’ia, that says no law can be passed that is not in conformity with Islamic law.

Ninth, our beneficial effects of our democracy-building efforts in Iraq are mirrored and multiplied by our similar efforts in the Palestinian territories, where Hamas is now an enthusiastic participant in democratic processes.

I am honored and excited to have had the opportunity to present these startling and encouraging facts, which the mainstream media have been concealing from us for the last two and a half years, which is the reason people have been less supportive of President Bush’s great efforts in Iraq than they would have been, had they only been told the truth. Please share this with all your friends.

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