Social networking and me

I regularly receive invitations to join someone’s Facebook, Linked-In, or other network. I’m sorry to be so out of the swim of things, really I am, but I have no idea what these networks are used for, I have never been able (though I’ve tried) to understand what they’re about, and I’m not interested in joining one. If someone has something to discuss with me, the two of us can have a one-on-one e-mail exchange about it. So, to the good folks who send me Facebook and other invitations, thank you, but no thanks.

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June 19

Patrick E. writes:

You said you have no idea what sites like Facebook are used for. Here’s a few articles (here, here, and here) that argue persuasively that they are used for nothing good. I’m with you on this one! I was the only student in my class who didn’t have a Facebook account and they made me get one to access certain course materials! It’s gone now.

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