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A reader writes:

As a daily reader of VFR who met you at the Preserving Western Civilization conference, I thought it would be time to make a contribution to your website for your presentation of insightful thoughts on issues concerning Western civilization and for your relentless efforts in illuminating the viciousness of liberalism and political correctness—elements which inevitably lead to the destruction of the white world. Unbeaten remains your stance on the link between Muslim immigration and the threat of jihad to our countries. Unfortunately, the mainstream conservatives seem to be way too far from even identifying this link, let alone proposing any effective solutions (which in your terms would be the reversal of Muslim immigration.)

Those conservatives haven’t been able to penetrate the thought barrier of political correctness yet. This is why I remain skeptical of them.

Being a young man, it is certainly not pleasant to be confronted with news every day that indicate the downfall of Western civilization and that make our future look bleak. However, any growing force acted on things produces an increasing counterforce. In this regard, I see the slow but steady rise of nationalistic forces across Europe as a positive sign. In fact, many issues discussed in European media today would have been unthinkable a decade ago, and individuals like Geert Wilders or the ones in the Swiss People’s Party represent a leading example of the slowdown of the decline.

Especially as the native population is dwindling in Western Europe, the negative consequences in terms of economy, crime, terror, and the push for Sharia will—and I emphasize—WILL HAVE TO make the counterforce inevitably grow stronger, there won’t be a way around it any more.

You obviously devote a great deal of time to your website. I noticed it on the large number of entries posted every day. I hope that enough time remains left for things that you do as a hobby and that help you in distracting from the permanent exposure to bad news.

Nevertheless, I hope that my donation will contribute to your motivation to continue your brilliant work.

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