Roebuck on liberalism: a collection

Alan Roebuck has built up a significant body of writings at VFR and elsewhere, especially on his theme that traditionalists can win the battle against liberalism by arguing against liberal presuppositions. As he shrewdly puts it, meaningful discussion with liberals about specific issues is virtually impossible today, yet it may still be possible to discuss the philosophical assumptions that underlie the liberal positions on those issues. And this may be the opening to getting liberals to think. I asked Mr. Roebuck to gather his pieces together so that they could linked in a single entry for easy reference, and they are listed below.

Full-fledged articles at VFR

Why intelligent design is the best challenge to Darwin [Mr. Roebuck disagrees with LA’s criticisms of the intelligent design movement.]

Authority, liberalism, and traditionalism [Most people rely on trusted authorities to help them form their views on the most basic questions. Therefore, if we are to lead society away from liberalism and toward traditionalism, we must change the minds of the people whom other people regard as their authorities.]

How to defeat liberalism [AR proposes that liberalism can only be defeated by demonstrating to liberals that their liberal beliefs, or presuppositions, are false.]

Why atheism cannot be correct [In an open letter to an atheistic think tank, AR argues that the truths of science depend on non-naturalistic realities the existence of which cannot be proven in a scientific sense. This is an (early version of “The Scientific leftists of the Center for Inquiry.”]

Challenging Liberal Assumptions [The main impediment to a person’s changing his mind is his intellectual presuppositions…. Debating is therefore the most practical strategy for conservatives right now. Debate can easily be initiated by posting detailed, philosophically coherent challenges to liberalism on websites or in magazines, and inviting liberals to respond. (Remember that most conservative polemics today do not identify, let alone challenge, the fundamental presuppositions of liberalism.)]

Substantive comments at VFR

A Rational Argument for God and Christianity [Also here.] [AR argues that it’s possible to prove by rational argument both that God exists and that Christianity is true.]

How European Conservatives can Resist the Left [Europe has made it illegal to oppose the policies of the left. But there may be another way to oppose the left: Organize a campaign to argue (as publicly as is feasible) against the fundamental philosophical premises of the leftist worldview that rules Europe. Arguing against the legitimization of homosexuality may get you in trouble, but what about arguing against the premises that lead to this legitimization (and to the rest of the leftist system of thought): philosophical naturalism and materialism, relativism, Darwinism and atheism?]

Derbism Unveiled [Why atheism undermines thought and therefore atheists cannot give a convincing account of their atheism.]

The Campaign to Destroy Christianity: and that’s not an Exaggeration [Atheists attempting to form their own cult.]

Do Muslims go to Heaven? [How do people get saved? Also, defending Sola Scriptura.]

Did the Laws of Physics Create Themselves? [Responding to the atheistic clich´┐Ż: “If God made everything, who made God?”]

A Brief Refutation of Materialist Atheism [It is obviously false to say that all knowledge comes through the senses. You do not know what you are thinking right now from your senses. You do not know that murder is wrong with your senses. Empiricism is false because it cannot be proved empirically.]

Logically and Aggressively Challenging the Atheists [Dinesh D’Souza’s doing it; so should we.]

Mac Donald Depressed by Americans’ Belief in God [Why morality is evidence for God]

Two Responses to the Death of Britain: the Prophetic and the Ironic [Wherein AR coins the phrase: “Irony: the universal intellectual condiment of liberalism.”]

Why Liberals Never Learn [First VFR presentation of Roebuck’s thesis that liberalism is our unofficial state religion.]

Is Liberalism a White Thing? [Many whites have a “philosophical squeamishness” that makes the susceptible to liberalism’s claim that it will eliminate badness.]

Non-VFR published articles

Needed: a New Conservative Apologetics [AR’s first published essay on the dominance of liberalism and the need for conservative apologetics. Enter Stage Right, 9/10/07.]

The Scientific Leftists of the Center For Inquiry [A basic refutation of naturalism, the worldview of most American atheists. Intellectual Conservative, 12/21/07.]

D’Souza’s Comeback [Review of Dinesh D’Souza’s What’s so Great About Christianity, and identifying it as a part of the defense of the West. American Thinker, 12/25/07]

How to Respond to a Supercilious Atheist [Clarifying why most Western atheists reject the evidence for God without giving it a hearing: their false naturalistic worldview blinds them to this evidence. American Thinker, 1/26/08.]

Liberalism 101 [Analyzing the worldview of the left, and its dominance. Intellectual Conservative, 2/22/08.]

Seeker-Sensitive Conservatism [Making an analogy between seeker-sensitive Christianity and the conservative movement: both mostly tell people what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear. American Thinker, 3/31/2008.]

Evolution 101 [Setting out the basic issues of the debate over evolution: if God even possibly exists, intellectual integrity demands that we take seriously any evidence that natural forces cannot fully account for life, therefore theists are allowed to be anti-Darwinists. Intellectual Conservative, 4/18/2008.]

Conservative Reformation [Improved version of “Needed: a New Conservative Apologetics: the dominance of liberalism and the need for conservative apologetics.” Intellectual Conservative, 1/7/2009.]

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