Catching up at VFR

Don’t miss these articles and discussions from the last ten days:

Our real mission to the Muslims (it’s to stop them from spreading negative stereotypes about Islam)

Lars Hedegaard replies to my Open Letter to International Free Press Society (in which I argued that all the free press in the world cannot protect us from Muslim death threats so long as Muslims reside in significant numbers among us)

Are we doomed? (I reply to to a discouraged conservative)

Buchanan’s terminal confusions

The tortured mind of Patrick Buchanan

Even as Steyn gets more worried about Islam, he has not become more serious about Islam

The Steyn fantasy phenomenon continues (he makes conservatives believe that a call to criticize Islam amounts to a call to defend the West against Islam.

How many Muslims must there be in America, before we are threatened by sharia rule?

If you haven’t woken up yet, will the fatwa on Molly Norris do it for you?

Our public schools are handing our children over to Islam

Reagan on the reality of sin and evil—and what his message means for us today

How the military will resolve the inevitable conflicts over homosexuality in the ranks once DADT is repealed

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