Finally, someone has frankly stated the true lesson that the GOP should derive from the election (note: that’s irony).

Frank J. Fleming writes at PJ Media:

So what lessons should Republicans learn from the 2012 election? I don’t think anyone other than me has thought to ask this question, as Republicans tend not to be very analytical. But I think the answer is pretty obvious when you look at the failure of their presidential candidate this year and the one in 2008: Republicans need to stop nominating right-wing extremists like John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Fleming goes on to paint a picture of the ideal GOP nominee for 2016: a man who will not say anything that offends Democrats.

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Ed H. writes:

If you are wondering what kind of person could see McCain and Romney as “right wing” extremists go to the “bio” feature under Frank J. Fleming’s picture.

Look what this moron thinks are “edgy” topics. He has all the gravitas of a 12 year old on perpetual summer vacation.

LA replies:

Ed, he’s being satiric.

Ed H. replies:

My mistake!! Thank goodness he is being satiric. But PJ Media is the home of VD Hanson and Phyllis Chesler.. I naturally expect FLUFF from that website and give up quickly on anything I see there. Didn’t Ron Radosh say something very much like this right after the election? The GOP needs to reach out to minorities more, etc?

LA replies:

True. But when a guy says pointedly that the GOP lost in ‘08 and ‘12 because McCain and Romney are “extreme right-wingers,” and then advocates that the GOP nominate “Super Squish” the next time, you know that it’s a satire.

Peter M. writes:

I read Frank Fleming’s piece on PJ Media as a satire. Certainly politics is difficult to satirize in this year of the re-election of Barack Obama given the things that are actually happening every day—and the things that are not happening that one would think should be happening.

John McNeil writes:

The Super Squish sounds exactly like Jon Huntsman.

LA replies:

Yes. I didn’t know why Fleming bothered to make up a fictional, hyper liberal, anti-Republican Republican candidate named Super Squish, when he already had Huntsman.

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