Mixed Metaphors at the Gates

Looking for something to read this morning, I went over to Gates of Vienna and saw an article entitled, “The MSM Behind the Curtain.” It begins:

The Mainstream Media (called by some the Lamestream Media) in America are a disgrace. When they so obviously were in the game only to get Obama elected during the last presidential election, we hoped they’d climb out of the toilet long enough to dry off at some point in the ensuing four years. No such luck. They are lame, halt and blind. It’s a kind of dedicated blindness, often breathtaking in its dedication to keeping the Left’s socialist, big government agenda on the table. It tilts so far left that anything else slides right off…

The mainstream media are behind the curtain, and they’re stuck in the toilet, and they’re lame, halt and blind? That makes for quite an arresting image.

The mainstream media are lame, halt, and blind—and they maintain control over public discourse, by hiding non-leftist facts from the public? That doesn’t sound so lame and halt to me. It sounds effective and powerful.

At times like this, I’m ready, with Orwell, to hurl the jackboot of fascism into the melting pot.

Seriously, once you get past the beginning, the rest of the article is worth reading and is also unusual fare for GoV—an account of how the Wisconsin Republicans’ heroic and ultimately successful effort to curb the power of the public sector unions has already resulted in savings of many millions of dollars by local school districts, and how the MSM—which may be blind and covered in sewage, but which is certainly not crippled in its work of controlling public opinion—has ignored this important story.

Also, the GoV article links an August 11 VFR entry by Tim W. about the Wisconsin Republicans’ success in defeating most of the recall challenges. I’ve just added to that entry a weird editorial from the August 11 New York Times boasting that the Democrats’ and public sector unions’ failed attempt to overturn the Republican majority in the state senate was really a victory for the left and a warning to Republicans.

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Paul T. writes:

Mixed metaphors or not, the key thing is to sweep the mad dogs from the seas!

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