What to call whites who commit gross acts of injustice against whites to empower lying nonwhites and enhance their own position in the liberal system

Mark Jaws writes:

This rush to crucify DSK while ignoring the truth reminds me that among the many things our traditionalist movement needs is a good insult to hurl at white liberals in power who betray not only our race but any sense of justice to curry favor with blacks. This insult should have the power of “Uncle Tom” to cast its intended targets into the realm of shame and no return. I am thinking in particular of Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, a lifelong leftist who should have spent five years in jail with the feral black criminal class he pretends to care so much about.

LA replies:

It’s an outrage that Nifong didn’t go to prison. All that happened was that he was disbarred. I can’t think offhand of a non-violent criminal act as bad as what he did—using his position of district attorney, with legal power over people’s lives and destinies, to prosecute individuals who he knew were innocent. How did he escape jail?

I agree that a handy term for people like Nifong and Cyrus Vance would be desirable. How about calling them “Nifongs”?

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Edward L. writes:

Yes, I think “Nifong” is an excellent term, as in, “Your typical Nifong,” or “Just another lying Nifong,” or as a verb, “He tried to Nifong him.” Highly memorable and vaguely obscene. We need a whole new vocabulary as well as some good jokes to push back against the mental paralysis that liberalism has locked this country into. Nothing is more effective than laughing at these people while watching them fight back in a panic against any form of self awareness.

Along these lines I have had good luck using the term “The Nine Percent” whenever the globalist left starts talking about “white majority.” I begin by reminding them that since immigration is global in context, and those losing their homeland and culture, i.e., European whites, are now only nine percent of the world’s population, it would be accurate to use the term “the nine percent” when referring to whites rather than “majority.” It galls liberals no end, especially when you break into their diatribes and correct them, or keep repeating the term “the nine percent” with a little more volume and emphasis when discussing the issue. Keep staring them straight in the face when you use the term, keep smiling, but don’t back off. You can watch their whole world view crumbling before your eyes.

LA replies:

Imagine you’re having a conversation with your typical anti-white liberal, and he says something like, “The reason conservatives oppose the stimulus and Obamacare is that they hate Obama because he’s black,” and you reply to him, “You know, you’re a Nifong.” He says, “What does that mean?” And you answer. “Mike Nifong was the district attorney in North Carolina who spent a year prosecuting the members of the Duke lacrosse team for rape, based on accusations by a black prostitute that he knew were false. He didn’t care that the charges were false. Destroying the supposedly evil racist whites, and standing up for the nonwhite supposed victim, and portraying himself as the champion of goodness, was all he cared about. And that’s what you are. You’re a Nifong.”

Or imagine (I realize this is a dream, but imagine it anyway) that when Mayor Bloomberg told the press that tea partiers might be behind the attempted terrorist attack in Times Square, a tabloid ran a big headline saying,


Also, Ed’s “nine percent” ploy is very interesting.

Irv P. writes:

Where I grew up in Brooklyn, there was a code name for any rat who who would turn in his own for the “other”—a “JAKE.” I don’t know its derivation, but for 50 years I’ve used this term and people pick up on it, and like it. “He’s a Jake.” “He Jaked him.” “What a Jake!”

I like “Nifong” also. Same idea.

Paul Nachman writes:

This entry is excellent. It has memorable, actionable ideas.

Karl D. writes:

Very interesting assignment. This could take some thought. The problem is finding a word or short phrase that is memorable, catchy, cuts straight to the point and is something that everyone would immediately know. Something that says one plus one equals two. “Nifong” is good but still a little too esoteric in my mind. I like the “Nine Percent” and think it would be great to use repeatedly in certain circumstances. Or one could simply refer to whites or themselves as part of the “Nine Percenters.” Interestingly enough, almost all outlaw motorcycle gangs refer to themselves as “One Percenters” and will often wear a patch of their jacket that says One Percent. Used to separate themselves from the other ninety-nine percent of the motorcycle riding population.

Janice W. writes:

I like the name “Reverse Oreo’s”—white on the outside and black on the inside.

Jim C. writes:

Let’s not forget feckless RINOs like Bush who are just as vile as liberals. As to the appropriate name for such people—how about “scrofulous panderer”?

Mark Jaws writes:

I am glad to see some folks are having fun with this thread. I think that for far too long liberals have undeservedly gotten way too much yardage out of their mindless “racist” and “bigot” putdowns, simply because we have not countered effectively.

So, in addition to “Mikey Nifong,” I would like to float these three other entries to hurl at liberals.

The first is “WHINO,” for “White in Name Only.”

The second is “Doughboy,” with the soft, spineless Pillsbury Doughboy in mind, who simply laughs when you stick a finger in him and goes happily into the oven.

Finally, the more picturesque “Marshmallow Roaster,” as someone who would cast whites into the fire. Perhaps what is needed is not ONE LONE insult to hurl at our adversaries, but a quiver full of them.

Paul K. writes:

I think the term “Nifong” is more effective than something like “reverse Oreo cookie,” as the latter just sounds childish. Nifong is the perfect archetype of the pandering race-traitor. His actions would be indefensible, even to a liberal. He is a real person, so your opponent can’t deny that the phenomenon doesn’t exist. If you have to explain who he is, fine; it’s what Obama calls a teachable moment.

Names such as Benedict Arnold, Casanova, and Beau Brummel have come to represent certain behaviors. As examples of white fecklessness, naivete, and perfidy, we have Reginald Denny, Amy Biehl, and Mike Nifong.

Alissa writes:

It isn’t just liberal Caucasians but liberal heterosexuals as well. Caucasian liberals are creating, supporting and enabling racial dysfunction such as black mobs and Latino crime while liberal heterosexuals are enabling and supporting gays and transgenders. Both are quite vile groups and deserve contempt.

A reader writes:

While you are coming up with rhetorical terms to put our adversaries on the defensive, here is one that deserves to catch on widely. It is self-explanatory, I think:

“Some Muslims are ‘active Muslims,’ others are ‘dormant Muslims.’”

Once the point is established, we can speak of a Muslim “activating,” when there is a case of sudden jihad syndrome.

LA replies:
That’s good.

July 5

Ron K. writes:

You wrote, “How about calling them ‘Nifongs’?”

If you’re going to do that, you should use the lower case, as in boycott, lynch, and quisling, all of which are derived from the surnames of individuals.

As for Nifong, it was originally “Neufang” in German, and was apparently the 14th-century equivalent of “better mousetrap.”

His name came from a trap. How appropriate!

LA replies:

Wikipedia’s above linked article on “quisling” says:

The term was coined by the British newspaper The Times in an editorial published on 19 April 1940, entitled “Quislings everywhere” after the Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country so that he could rule the collaborationist Norwegian government himself. The Daily Mail picked up the term four days later, and the BBC then brought it into common use internationally.[1] The Times’ editorial asserted: “To writers, the word Quisling is a gift from the gods. If they had been ordered to invent a new word for traitor … they could hardly have hit upon a more brilliant combination of letters. Actually it contrives to suggest something at once slippery and tortuous.”…

In contemporary usage, Quisling is synonymous with traitor, and particularly applied to politicians who appear to favour the interests of other nations or cultures over their own. In American English, the term is less well known than the equivalent phrase Benedict Arnold. Nonetheless it appeared in the 1944 Warner Bros. cartoon Tom Turk and Daffy, uttered by a Thanksgiving turkey whose presence is betrayed to Porky Pig by Daffy Duck.

Evidently “Quisling” was capitalized at first and later became lower case.

Bill A. writes:

For the record, Mike Nifong did serve one day in jail, in solitary, “for his own protection.” Far less than he deserved, but he was jailed.

A.C. writes:

On the subject of what to call “white liberals in power who betray not only our race but any sense of justice to curry favor with blacks,” the term Nifong of course has a certain immediate resonance. Steve Sailer also had a fun post a few years back where he suggested the phrase “Uncle Tim,” in honor of the virulently anti-white “educator” Tim Wise.

July 6

Mark Jaws writes:

The problem with AC’s suggestion to use “Uncle Tim” is that not many folks know of the “work” being performed by Tim Wise, the epitome of the self-loathing, anti-white white. While most of the country has some idea who Mike Nifong is. On a side note, I encountered Tim Wise over 15 years ago on a radio talk show in Norfolk. Since both he and I are half-Jews, we had a nice little flurry. I bloodied his nose and he got awfully mad.

LA replies:

Tim Wise is certainly an anti-white white, the most extreme anti-white white that I’m familiar with off-hand. But I would not call him self-loathing. To avoid confusion on this issue, we need to remember the distinction between, on one hand, the white liberal elite who despise whites in general as racist scum but have supremely high regard for themselves as persons who have transcended white racism, and, on the other hand, the average white in whom the white elite have planted the poison of white guilt and white self-loathing.

What the white elite and the average whites have in common is the belief in white guilt; but what differentiates them is that the white elite believe that other whites are guilty, while the average whites believe that they themselves are guilty.

Mark Jaws writes:

I am not quite sure I agree with you, Don Lorenzo. I think Tim Wise and other anti-white whites are self-loathing to some extent. I know this may be a tad simplistic and anecdotally based, but I believe many anti-white whites, being ashamed of the dastardly deeds of their fellow whites going back to the Crusades and through the rape and conquest of the New and Old Worlds, would gladly wish away the white race from the earth if they could. The world according to them would be better if whites were to self-exterminate. Isn’t that what the Jewish radical feminist Susan Sontag preached? Didn’t she call whites a cancer? I also think, if given a chance, many of these anti-white whites would change races. That is the extent of the sickness which has infested their souls and perverted their minds.

James R. writes:

I tend to agree with you; on one level they may resent having been born white. But as has also been discussed a lot on your site, the modern morality mythos of the progressive left always involves “good liberal whites” as moral actors vs. “evil conservative whites,” who also have moral agency, with minorities as morally passive, at most as reactive—their actions are reactions, dictated by whatever inputs they get from white progressives or white conservatives.

The ideal utopian society for the progressive left is also seen in the dramas they create, from “Little Big Man” through “Dances With Wolves” and “The Last Samurai” down to “Avatar.” These idealized communities always have a white liberal protagonist, surrounded by nonwhites toward whom he can display his compassion and concern and whom he saves, as a result of which he is rewarded by being made their “guiding hand” leader. All other whites are eliminated from the picture, but the Great White Liberal Father remains as the hero.

This has gained the status of a Joseph Campbell-like trope and really someone should analyze it in the same style as his.

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