The un-Bush, un-McCain, un-Perry

From Greta van Susteren’s interview with Herman Cain, Sept. 26, 2011:

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, now let me turn to foreign policy. Mexico, as you know, is right next door. Everybody knows that. An enormous amount of violence. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was described it as like Colombia 20 years ago and got rebuked by both President Obama and President Calderon.

If you become president, are you going to—is there anything you’re going to do differently about the drug cartels and the violence that—down in that country from a humanitarian standpoint, as well as from a national security standpoint for us?

CAIN: Let’s start with the national security standpoint. I am going to secure the border for real. That’s step one. I don’t know why previous administrations, including this one as well as the Bush administration, didn’t get serious about securing the border. Maybe they didn’t want to offend our neighbor. I’m not concerned about [not] offending them. I’m more concerned about protecting Americans. So that’s job number one.

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Paul Nachman writes:

What a refreshing novelty!

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