What they’re saying about us

Paul K. writes:

I got the most extraordinary political mailer today, put out by the SEIU. I don’t recall having ever seen such a divisive, “Us vs. Them” political appeal. Apparently this is the fruit of a post-racial presidency.

The front reads:

Say President Obama wasn’t born here
Call him a Muslim
Insult his family
Threaten him with violence
Think he’s a terrorist
Want him gone…

He needs US to vote November 2nd.

Along with a plug for the local candidate, the back reads:

It’s time to get President Obama’s back by voting on Tuesday, November 2nd


People who want President Obama to fail are trying to tear him down with lies about his family, his religion, even where he was born. If you are sick of listening to their hateful lies, fight back by voting for candidates who will help President Obama fight for change.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 28, 2010 09:04 PM | Send

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