Yep, having a black president sure has pacified black America

The reality, which this site predicted many times before the election, even as the race-blind mainstream conservatives (including the supposedly hard-headed David Horowitz) kept cooing like pigeons about the advent of a post-racial society, was that Obama’s election would increase black aggression, black anti-white hostility, and the black sense of entitlement. I also said that this would be a good thing, as it might, at last, awaken so-far hopelessly naive whites to the reality of black America.

The latest: a black entertainer/thug named Kanye West leaped on stage and seized the mike from young white country singer Taylor Swift when she was chosen for an award over his fellow black, the singer Beyonce. I don’t yet know how the white “men” at the awards ceremony responded to this despicably rude and transgressive act by a black men against a white woman.

Kanye West grabs microphone from Taylor Swift

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Karl D. writes:

While flipping through the channels last night I came across the MTV awards and watched for awhile. As someone who was involved in the music industry for a number of years I figured I would see just how far music and “entertainment” had dropped. I was not disappointed. The 80s and early 90s were a downright genteel era compared to what was on parade. Besides some horrible British import who was hosting the show (his “jokes” would offend someone in their 40s, never mind the target teen audience), along with Madonna’s nauseating Michael Jackson tribute, we were almost immediately treated to the typical boorish behavior of the thuggish black rapper.

While I shouldn’t be surprised I was infuriated by what he did to that child. And she IS just a child. She is a sweet, pretty and innocent girl who is a country crossover artist popular with teenagers. What is it? Why do do many blacks find the mere existence of someone like her so threatening? Why do they feel she must be destroyed or belittled? I remember a girl quite like her in high school. The black girls were merciless with her and all the black men simply wanted to violate her. I think that something very deep was going on here. This may sound awful, but I think to a large degree it is pure jealousy. With all the money, success and opportunity, a large section of the black community hate being black and want to be white. Pure and simple. If you looked at all the black women at the awards show last night (the ones worshipped by fellow blacks) almost all of them had white blood in them and had light skin and straightened hair. And look at the men. Why is it that all the fashion designers that really peak their interest are classic WASPy fashions? There is nothing that will satiate them. Not even a black president. The shame of once being enslaved is just too much for them. The shame of knowing that white men created the world in which they now live is just as bad. Their inferiority complex will never be wiped away even if all whites were to drop dead tomorrow. I think however that people are beginning to really wake up. If a black liberal president can’t do the trick then nothing will.

James K. writes:

Don’t you think calling Kanye West’s actions a “quasi-rape” is a bit much? His actions were despicably rude but in no way violent, and it’s clear from the video that Miss Swift was startled and upset but in no way frightened, nor did she have any reason to be.

This is insulting to sufferers of actual rapes. If you insinuate (as you did, unless I misunderstand you) that mere obnoxiousness on the part of a black man should be met with a white lynch mob, people will take you less seriously when you discuss actual outrages such as the Belleville bus beating. Remember the boy who cried “Wolf?”

And why shouldn’t Beyonce’s gracious repudiation of West’s nonsense be treated as the most notable black event of the evening?

LA replies:

You’re right.

I changed it to:

“this despicably rude, transgressive act by a black man against a white woman.”

LA continues:

However, looking at the picture, I think “symbolic rape” would have been accurate.

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