Another white girl killed by blacks, but with a twist: she was their partner in crime

Police believe 17-year-old Claudia Hidic (Bosnian native, German citizen, Fort Worth resident) directed her two Negro accomplices, Curtis Fortenberry and Terrance Crumley, to well-to-do homes where they could steal the most expensive goods. The Daily Mail continues:

At the home where she met her death, there were thought to be five or six people inside the duplex at the time that Hidic and her two co-conspirators entered.

Either Fortenberry or Crumley had a gun on them, and once they entered the apartment, shots were exchanged with people inside the home, and Hidic is thought to have been hit in the crossfire.

Fortenberry and Crumley have been charged with felony murder for her death.

Also, when her body was first found, her family insisted she was a sweet, innocent aspiring actress who wanted to go to college. But then this photo of her surfaced:

A Thoroughly Modern White Girl

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July 11

Jessica K. writes:

What’s amusing is that several outlets are reporting this story as a “robbery gone wrong.” I would describe it as a robbery gone very well.

On the note of her ethnic background, I’m surprised to see a Bosniac girl hanging around with blacks. The few Bosnians I know hold views that would make the KKK proud. Living in London in the midst of the post-2004 mass immigration of Eastern Europeans, I’ve noticed the following patterns among their women:

Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, and Bosnian women are very “racist” (as liberals would put it; I prefer to call it ethnocentric), and the vast majority of them want absolutely nothing to do with black men.

On the other hand, Polish, Slovakian, and Czech women seem to be even more enthusiastic about Negro males than Western European females. Girls from the Baltic states fall somewhere in the middle. Of all these, Polish women are by far the most likely to race-mix with black men. Close to half of all the Polish girls you meet in London and other major English cities have a Negro boyfriend or have dated one in the past. Many people visiting London are shocked by the sheer number of interracial couples and mistakenly assume that these are all English girls. While we do have our fair share of native race-mixers, most of these girls are actually Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks.

I don’t know what accounts for the difference in behaviour among the Eastern European women. But Poland has a very conservative Catholic culture. I don’t see what differentiates their women from the far more race-loyal Hungarians.

Mark Jaws writes:

Jessica K wonders why Polish, Czech and Slovakian girls seem drawn to blacks, while Hungarians and Balkans do not. I offer two possible explanations. First, there are very few blacks in Poland and the former Czechoslovakia, and these central European countries have had no recent history of dealing with non-Europeans, in contrast to their white Balkan neighbors who were dominated by Turks for hundreds of years. Second, Poland is still a fairly Catholic and conservative country. Perhaps there are taboos against interracial dating. Thus, Polish girls living in London like to spread their wings while away from home.

But this is mere conjecture. Who really knows? I do know we need to speak the plain, hard truth about black men to our white daughters. I did, and much more than once. The result: my oldest daughter married a man who is a frequent reader of VFR.

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