Conservatives who stand for nothing except supporting their friends and attacking their enemies

In the Must Reads at today:

Terrorist threat on United States still real,
warns Attorney General Eric Holder

Jump back! Holder uses the “T” word!!
Can the “M” word be far behind

Of course, the great “conservative” president, George W. Bush, dearly beloved by Lucianne Goldberg, used the “T” word for seven years, four months, and nine days, and never once did he use the “M” word, and never once did Lucianne demand that he use the “M” word. So why should the leftist Holder use the “M” word? And why does Lucianne hold his feet to the fire for not using it?

The rank hypocrisy of conservatives—lambasting the Obama administration for things they never criticized the Bush administration for—is breathtaking.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 22, 2010 11:32 AM | Send

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