Why Obama doesn’t mind screwing up

An L-dotter responds to Richard Cohen’s ambiguously angry article in which he castigates Obama for his indecisiveness on Afghanistan:

Right now they are looking for something, anything, anything at all, to prove they elected someone that passes for effective. Even a war will do! Coming from these people, that’s called desperation. (And massively hypocritical. But that’s another side to the story.)

Another L-dotter:

We may think Obama is a miserable failure as president, but he doesn’t.

He is succeeding beyond all expectation, in his goals of bankrupting, emasculating, and Marxizing America … land that he hates.

That’s right. Given Obama’s clearly stated, typically leftist and anti-white resentments against America and his view that America has too much power in the world, it would make sense that, on some level, his failures and embarrassments as president would be equated in his mind with success, since they help weaken America. At the same time, if his success consists only of such failures, and not of any tangible successes for himself, then that is no success at all.

The logic makes perfect sense to me, though I grant that some may think it absurd.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 06, 2009 08:15 AM | Send

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