We must bar Islamic investment in America

In reading Diana West’s column about the Saudi jihadist Prince Talal’s seven percent ownership of Fox News, I realize that I need to add another plank to my Islam program. A federal statute is needed that will say something such as follows:

  • Foreign Muslims shall not be allowed to purchase or own significant shares in U.S. corporations or to make significant donations to U.S. educational and cultural institutions.

I know that sounds radical and extreme. But, to paraphrase Paul Mirengoff’s recent discussion about Geert Wilders, the fact that something is radical and extreme by today’s mainstream standards doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

If it is true, as I have stated for many years, that significant numbers of Muslims do not belong in any Western society, then it follows that Muslims should not be allowed to own significant portions of any Western society. If we are to end Islamic influence over the United States, we must prohibit Islamic ownership of U.S. businesses, Islamic donations to cultural and educational institutions (such as the Islamic studies programs at U.S. universities that have been created and expanded through Saudi donations), and Islamic contributions to U.S. political candidates and parties.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 12, 2010 03:08 PM | Send

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