How Wilders transcends his anti-jihadist supporters

I always get a kick from seeing my ideas discussed in another country, in a language other than English. At the prominent conservative German blog Politically Incorrect, a commenter named “Wer ist John Galt” (“Who is John Galt”) writes:

Geert Wilders
Der Islam ist das Problem!

Lawrence Auster vergleicht den niederländischen Politiker Geert Wilders mit konservativen Anti-Jihadisten in Amerika und kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass Wilders Lichtjahre von diesen Politikern entfernt sei, weil diese Politiker unfähig seien, zu erklären, dass “der Islam das Problem ist, dass der Islam aufgehalten werden muss, dass der Islam nicht zum Westen gehört.”


Lawrence Auster compares the Dutch politician Geert Wilders with conservative anti-jihadists in America and comes to the conclusion that Wilders is light years beyond these politicians [sic], because these politicians are unable to declare that “Islam is the problem, that Islam must be stopped, that Islam doesn’t belong in the West.”

Ain’t it the truth!

By the way, Wilders will be making his first public appearance in Germany on October 2, in Berlin, to discuss his organization, the Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance, the purpose of which is to spread to every country in the West the same anti-Islam policies that Wilders is advocating in the Netherlands, including the cessation of Muslim immigration and the expulsion of Muslims who promote sharia.

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