If liberals thought about Hitler the way they think about blacks

Randy L. writes:

In keeping with the way liberals discuss extreme black-on-white assaults and murder (“a burglary gone wrong,” “a senseless tragedy”), one might consider other historical examples of senseless tragedies. We know that Hitler just wanted the best for his people. We know that he got the German economy going, started Volkswagen (the people’s car), provided much-needed jobs in the arms industry, strengthened the German military, and restored German pride. Unfortunately, his efforts to make a better life for the German people turned into a senseless tragedy. As with recent robberies committed by blacks which “went wrong” and somehow ended with the victim having his head and face caved in by repeated kicks and blows, Hitler’s program to improve the lives of Germans somehow “went wrong” and led to the extermination of six million Jews.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 04, 2012 09:05 AM | Send

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