Anti-Semite who seeks “jew free ethno state” is married to half-Jewish woman

Richard W. writes:

One of your main on-line critics, the anti-Semitic blogger Tanstaafl, reveals that his wife is one-half Jewish and his children are therefore one-quarter Jewish.

This is very interesting, since in his statement of intent for the blog he declares that his “ultimate goal is a jew-free, White ethnostate in North America.”

Presumably, given this revelation, he would not be able to live there with his family. Perhaps his identification with an idealized white race would cause him to abandon his own children? That seems bizarre beyond belief, but these are the types of problems with holding this extreme “genetics determines everything” position of the White Nationalist movement.

It is ironic in the extreme that his fellow white nationaists must now (according to their ideology) condemn TANSTAAFL for race mixing. The more rabid of them dream of hanging him, his children and his wife from lamp posts on the day of retribution for race-traitors (per William Pierce.)

Would it be going too far to call TANSTAAFL a self-hating crypto-Jew? To use an Internet term I’m ROTFLMAO.

LA replies:

I haven’t written about Tanstaafl in a couple of years, but here are past VFR entries in which he’s discussed:

- end of initial entry -

Bill A. writes:

According to Jewish tradition, Tanstaafl’s wife is not Jewish; that identity is conferred either by consciously accepting naturalization (conversion) or by the status of a person’s mother.

According to that tradition, by the way, Elvis Presley was 100 percent Jewish. that’s just the way it works.

Being Jewish is not a genetic identity, although most Jews are genetically inheritors of other Jews.

LA replies:

But the way Jews see it is not the way non-Jews see it. To non-Jews, a person with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother is half-Jewish.

Bill A. replies:

As in many things, the question is, Who gets to decide? (For example, who gets to decide who is an American? Do we follow the Constitution, or do we follow the politicians who want to establish the category of “undocumented Americans?”)

More significantly, the way non-Jews see the definition of Jewishness is subject to a great deal of variability. While many or most would probably see things in the sort of vague way to which you refer, others take more stringent positions.

To some anti-Semites, the proverbial “one drop” of Jewish blood is enough for condemnation.

But even the most murderous anti-Semites can be surprisingly flexible. It has been estimated that more than 100,000 first-degree (50 percent) and second-degree (25 percent) “mischlings” served in the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. In fact, Field Marshall Erhard Milch, the man who build the Lufwaffe, was a first-degree “mischling,” whose father was a Jewish pharmacist. (Some researchers claim that his mother also came from a Jewish family.) milch was issued a German Blood Certificate, and Hermann Goering (whose Godfather was a Jewish artistocrat, Hermann Ritter von Epenstein) famously remarked: “Who is a Jew, I decide.” (Milch was convicted of war crimes, served less than 10 years, and died in Dusseldorf in 1972.)

Tanstaafl and his genetically-partially-Jewish children and other genetically-Jewish anti-Semites (including more than a few “full-blooded” Jews) can take comfort from that.

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