Can liberals be saved?

Karl D.’s comment about the liberal psychology complements Takuan Seiyo’s article in the previous entry. Seiyo says liberals can’t be saved, and that we must step out of the way, John Galt-like, and allow them to destroy themselves. Karl suggests that liberals want to be saved (from liberalism), but are inhibited by their need to be liked (by their fellow liberals).

Karl D. writes:

I wanted to forward an interesting experience I had recently. A friend visited me that I hadn’t seen in some time. He is your run of the mill Liberal who tends to lean to the extreme on some issues of Liberal thought. He sympathizes with all the correct leftist causes (personally and publicly) and has a particular passion for blacks and “racism”. Knowing that I am a Conservative we tried to steer clear of political issues which is quite difficult.

Eventually political topics came up and much to my surprise he was sympathetic to some of my views. Especially shocking, my views on race. Granted, I sugar coated it for his consumption. But the fact that some of these views were not challenged but tepidly embraced blew my mind. But what made this even more interesting was that as time passed on the guilt started to set in, and the back peddling began. Even his attitude became more hostile towards me. This led me to think two things. The need to be “liked” in the Liberal brain is more important then life itself, or that inside every Liberal is a Conservative dying to get out.

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