Missed opportunity?

(Note 6/15/09. I listened last evening to the interview with Griffin, and I disagree with what the reader said about it, as I discuss here.)

A reader writes from England:

Nick Griffin in his interviews is downplaying both immigration and race. No kidding. He actually said in a major BBC interview that he’d rather talk about the peak oil crisis. He said to the BBC radio phone interviewer is that all they (the BBC) want to talk about is immigration and race.

Here he is given an opportunity to talk about immigration and race on a well respected national radio platform and he doesn’t want to talk about them because he doesn’t want the BNP to be stereotyped as an immigration/race obsessed party. He actually said that though I am not quoting word for word.

That’s what playing the electoral political game can do to you.

UKIP seem more interested in talking about immigration (not race) than the BNP.

Griffin did say that while he sees non-whites as well as white Eastern Europeans as non-indigenous to Britain, he recognises their right to live here with equal rights. No talk of removal, voluntary or not.

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Gintas writes:

It’s only a matter of time before we hear that all that anti-Semitism, immigration-restriction, whites-only party membership, hanging with David Duke was just a subterfuge and it turns out Nick Griffin’s real name is Nickriham Griffenstein, and he’s a Jewish operative for a left-wing splinter group in Mossad working closely with AIPAC and ADL, related to Rahm Emmanuel and Phil Spector.

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