Two shot dead, 22 injured as Standard Negro Violence erupts at Toronto block party

CBC News reports:

Two people were shot to death, 19 were wounded, and three others were trampled Monday night in a shooting rampage at a block party in Toronto’s east end.

Exactly what led to the shootout is unclear [LA replies: What led to it was Standard Negro Violence, as is made clear in the second half of the same sentence], but there have been suggestions an argument broke out between two men and each pulled guns and began firing wildly into the crowds.

A teenage girl and a 20-year-old man died at the scene.

Three other people were badly injured when they were trampled by the panicked crowds trying to flee the violence.

Also, look at the photograph of Toronto’s police chief Bill (not William) Blair at the top of the article:


He looks broken, dazed, helpless, crumpled. This is the favored image of law enforcement in liberal society. It is the image of the older Texas lawman in the evil Coen Brothers’ extremely nihilistic movie No Country for Old Men. Instead of society being indignant at criminals, society advertises its helplessness, moral confusion, and, yes, guilt before criminals. Black savages carry out a typical black rampage, but Blair’s facial expression suggests that he, Blair, is the guilty one. In liberal society, the worse blacks behave, the more guilty whites are.

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Diana M. writes:

“He looks broken, dazed, helpless, crumpled.”

You’ve outdone yourself. I nearly died laughing reading that. Yes, I know that you didn’t mean to be funny, but it was so accurate I had to laugh.

LA replies:

How do you know that I didn’t mean, in part, to be funny?

Alex P. writes:

The latest Toronto shootings happened only a couple of miles from where I am right now, in the eastside suburb of Scarborough, a.k.a. Scarlem. It was uncomfortably close. Only 30 years ago the Galloway housing projects, site of the bullet-riddled block party, were mostly white. Now it’s Trenchtown North.

And yes, you’re right: Toronto police chief Bill “Social Justice Policing” Blair is a liberal weenie unfit to be responsible for the safety of 2.5 million people. He also let the G8 protestors trash the city’s downtown two years ago.

Here’s a non-MSM account of the Scarlem shooting/trampling/non-snitching spree from, with links to the Twitter accounts of the major players (both living and dead) in the shooting. The tweets of these “Canadian” yoots definitely give the “flava” of yesterday’s exciting events here in what used to be called “Toronto the Good.”

For an idea of the victim’s crew, see this video. The entire rap is superimposed over a blue bandana, which I can only assume symbolizes a Crips chapter. Note the lyrics:

livin a hard life, growin up on my own
no mother no father i gotta do it all alone
but if i got a problem niggas got the 44
she got a really fat ass with a long nose.

This video is frequently tweeted with an accompanying “#GWAY” tag, which must refer to “Galloway.” Galloway is the name of a nearby road which hosts a number of public housing projects.

Unlike the U.S., Canada has no legacy of slavery on which to blameshift this minority dysfunction. Forty years ago this was as white a country as you could find: 99 percent of nonwhites in Canada arrived between 1967 and five minutes ago. Toronto, the nation’s biggest city, is now over 50 percent foreign born. So the diversification here has been an enormous transformation during a very short period—and I’ll be damned if I can see why it needed to be done at all.

I’ll leave you with a little local Scarlem humo(u)r:

Q: What’s the border between India and Africa?

A: Markham Rd.

July 18

Mark L. writes:

Blair is feeling guilt and defeat because somewhere inside his head the thought, “The Toronto Police Department and our whole city government has failed these youths,” is racing around and around. That formulation has been implanted in him via conferences and meetings with the social justice set. You know, the guys who could get him fired if he displayed a retrograde attitude.

It is racing around because he cannot countenance the thought that the whole multicultural thing is preposterous. He is trying to avoid insight and accomodate delusion.

I would say, were I a sociobiologist, that he is the victim of a meme.

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