Pushing back

Giving the commencement address cum left-wing rant at an Arizona college, a freaky (look at her hair) professor of gender and women’s studies named Sandra Soto launched into an attack on the Arizona anti-illegal alien law, and the student audience erupted in loud boos.

It’s discussed at Gateway Pundit, the marvelously expressive name of the blog at First Things.

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Also on the subject of the Arizona law, Lee S. writes from Atlanta:

I have a lot of conservative and even right-wing views, but I am also an environmentalist and animal rights activist. I was determined to give Obama a fair shot. I sensed the country was turning left and hoped he would get us through it without too much damage. Anyway, whenever I saw the man speak he seemed reasonable. But I had no idea that his friends were so dangerous.

My eyes are open now.

When the Mexican president went before Congress, attacked the duly elected representatives of an American state, and was cheered for doing so by the Democratic Party, I knew I was witnessing one of the very big political events of my lifetime.

The Democratic Party has decided to support a foreign government rather than the people of this nation.

Their treason and insolence is such that they should suffer a terrible punishment. They are going to rue the day they attacked an American state on behalf of the leader of a corrupt and resentful narco-state.

I pray I live to see the day of their punishment, I hope that in some small way I can help to be an instrument of it.

I had stopped reading your site for a while because your exposure of the left’s treachery made me so angry I thought about nothing else all day.

But I found your site was basically essential. Keep up the good work.

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