Missing a perfect view of the forest for the trees?

The website Jihad Watch, written by Robert Spencer (who has called me among other things “the lowest form of character assassin” and has announced that he would walk out of any room in which I was present), continues to be the main site for news about Islam in general and what Muslims are up to in the U.S. and the UK in particular, more than I can keep up with at this site. See, for example,

But, while Spencer endlessly catalogues the nominalistic horrors of Islam, he has not, as blogger Hesperado points out, referenced Allen West’s remarkable statement about the unchanging nature of Islam, made at a Hudson Institute panel last week, even though Spencer’s friends Diana West and Andrew Bostom have quoted it. The statement exhibits a straightforward frankness about Islamic reality that is unlike anything heard from a political figure in this country since Thomas Jefferson and John Adams reported on their meeting with Tripoli’s Ambassador to Britain in London in 1786.

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