Farah for Tancredo

Joseph Farah makes an impassionated appeal for Tom Tancredo as president:

Not a single vote has yet been cast by the American people in the 2008 presidential primary campaign. This is no time for people to get weak in the knees, to start compromising principles for pragmatism, for accommodations to what the pollsters tell us is possible and impossible.

Vote your conscience. Vote your principles. Don’t vote for the lesser of evils.

I believe if Americans took this advice, Tom Tancredo would win the nomination hands down. But, instead, too many of us accept the words of the experts who want to define for us what is politically possible.

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Steven Warshawsky writes:

Joseph Farah argues that we should not compromise principles for pragmatism, and therefore should vote for Tancredo. As much as I respect Tancredo and agree with him on the issues, I cannot agree with Farah’s position. Why not? Just look at what Tancredo volunteer Jason F. writes. He admits that the Tancredo campaign failed to “get its act together” and consequently was not able to get on the ballot in New Jersey. Assuming this is correct (and I have no reason to doubt Jason F.), this is a blunder of enormous proportions. Sadly, Tancredo must bear the responsibility for the failures of his own campaign. A truly serious candidate, at a minimum, would have been able to get on the ballot in each state. That Tancredo apparently was not able to cross this most basic threshold plainly demonstrates that he is not qualified to serve as the chief executive officer of the United States government.

Just because someone holds the right policy views does not mean he would make an effective president. Practical political ability also is a vitally necessary, if not sufficient, qualification. Tancredo needs to stay in Congress and speak loudly and often on the important issues of the day.

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