Paul Weston on the cover-up of the widespread anti-white violence in Britain

In an excellent essay at Gates of Vienna, Paul Weston (who recently became head of the new Freedom Party) addresses a subject that has been central to VFR: the massive police and media cover-up of nonwhite violence against whites. Weston places this cover-up within the context of the left’s “unfinished war against the traditional Western Nation State.” A principal strategy in that war—or, rather, we might say, its very object—is the dispossession of the white Western peoples. A leading weapon in that war is the silencing of the truth about nonwhite violence against whites.

Weston tells the horrible story, which I had never read about before, of the kidnap, gang rape, torture, and murder of 16 year old Mary-Ann Leneghan in 2005 (another girl was subject to the same rape, torture, and attempted murder but miraculously survived). The story in The Guardian, linked by Weston, shows a picture of the victim but not of the killers, and says nothing about the fact that the victims of this unspeakable crime were white and the killers black.

He quotes the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) guidelines on racial reporting. As stated in the document, the overall philosophy of the NUJ is to oppose racism and fascism. Therefore stories that encourage racism should not be published. Here, I think, is the key provision from the guidelines:

  • The NUJ believes that newspapers and magazines should not originate material which encourages discrimination on grounds of race or colour, as expressed in the NUJ’s rule book and code of conduct.

Obviously, in racist Britain, stories about blacks raping and killing whites will encourage “discrimination,” and must not be published.

Here we should add that suppression of critical truths about nonwhites in order to tamp down an ever threatening white racism is an attitude as common on the “right” as on the left. I remind readers of my anecdote of how, in 1990, I submitted an article about immigration to The American Spectator. The editor, Wladyslaw Pleszczynski, turned it down because, as he told me, he did not want to encourage the racism of his readers. Think of it: he viewed his own readers as racists, and saw his job as the suppression of that racism, which he did by, among other things, not publishing any critical articles about U.S. immigration policy. And the “right’s” suppression of inconvenient truths goes not just to mass non-Western immigration and its cultural effects, but to black-on-white wildings, rape, and murder.

Weston continues:

Imagine an invading army defeating and occupying Britain. Imagine their soldiers raping and murdering the British people. Imagine the foreign-led quisling police force ignoring the rapes and murders. Imagine the Vichy government and media covering up the details and promoting a two-minute hate campaign against the British resistance hiding out in the hills. But you don’t need to imagine, because it is already happening.

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LA writes:

From the above linked entry, a further observation from me about editorial director Wladyslaw Pleszczynski and The American Spectator:

How about that: Alfred Regnery, of the famous conservative publishing family, publishing Codevilla’s insane treasonous article. Once again, there’s “conservatism” for you. Do these self-described “conservatives” at TAC actually believe that the U.S. should marry itself to Mexico and love Mexico as it loves itself? Do they think at all? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

The answer, as I’ve said before, is that no matter how conservative a person may think he is, if he does not believe in the American nation as a concrete thing, but sees it only as a set of principles, then when it comes to Third World immigration he will almost automatically do a Benedict Arnold to the open borders camp in order to distance himself from “racism.”

LA writes:

There were comments saying that Vlad Tepes is a Canadian, and I mistakenly posted them in this entry, because when I saw the name “Vlad” in the first comment, I associated the name with “Wlady” the editor of TAC. It’s not every morning that two Vlads or Wladys are referenced in closely adjoined entries at this site. Now I’ve moved the comments into the correct entry.

John McNeil writes:

After reading this article by Paul Weston, I now retract any past criticisms I made of him and his party. This article shows to me that his heart is in the right place, and I trust his judgment in knowing when and when not to emphasize the racial component of Britain’s demise.

More importantly, Weston has no baggage that I’m aware of. No past associations with neo-Nazis or anti-Semitism. I don’t think the British media has any experience dealing with a true nationalist who isn’t from that world. In the long run, this will help native Britons, even if the party chooses to take a more officially pragmatic approach to race.

I wish him and his party the best.

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