Black man comes up behind young white woman in liquor store and stabs her in the neck, killing her

Mark Jaws sends this, from WBAL Baltimore:

Woman Stabbed To Death At Liquor Store
November 24, 2008

Aysha Ring (photo from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School)

CATONSVILLE, Md.—Baltimore County police continued Monday to investigate a fatal stabbing at a liquor store in Catonsville and are asking for the public’s help. Meanwhile, a local high school is mourning the victim.

Witnesses told investigators a 24-year-old woman, identified as Aysha Dawn Ring of southeast Baltimore, was waiting at the cash register to make a purchase when someone came up behind her and grabbed her before cutting her in the neck.

Ring was taken to Shock Trauma, where she was pronounced dead.

“There was no struggle,” said police spokesman Bill Toohey. “He came up, cut her, then left. She had no opportunity to struggle.”

Police said when Ring went into the store, she had passed three men who had been playing Keno but had gone outside for a cigarette. One of the men came back in and killed her, officials said.

The suspect is described as a black male, 20 to 30 years old and is 6 feet 1 inch tall. He weighs about 230 pounds, police said.

Baltimore County police released this suspect photo.

Liquor store owner Yong Kim said he recognized both people as regular customers and said he thinks the killer lives in the area.

Some of the liquor store customers left the store before police arrived, and homicide detectives said they believe those witnesses may have valuable information regarding the investigation.

Police estimated that as many as 15 people were in the store at the time of the incident.

Ring had served in the Corporate Internship Program at Christo Rey Jesuit High School.

“She brought incredible dedication to her work with our students, our staff and our partners in the Baltimore business community,” said the Rev. John W. Swope, the school’s president. “While working full time, Aysha furthered her education with coursework at Anne Arundel Community College. She was ambitious for herself and for our students. A young life full of promise has been tragically cut short.”

Swope said grief counselors would be at the school Monday.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-866-7-LOCKUP (1-866-756-2587).

Stay with and WBAL-TV 11 News for updates.

Mark Jaws writes:

This is disgusting. Here I go again. Yearning for those days when lynch mobs kept black savages in their place. This women used to work for my company. Her murder was posted on our company website just today. [LA replies: Note in a recent discussion that neither I nor Mark Jaws approve of the lynchings of the past, which were a savage practice, nor advocate lynchings in the present. But, as Mark said, “What we have now … is far worse, morally and physically, with more innocent white people being killed by hate-filled, vicious black thugs in five years than all the blacks lynched in Jim Crow America.” Is that correct? According to one leftists’ estimate, “at least 3437 blacks were lynched between 1882 and 1951.” I don’t have an estimate off-hand, but surely vastly more whites than that, probably ten times as many, have been murdered by blacks since 1960.]

LA writes:

It’s pure race vengeance. The killer was acting out on the physical level the same total hatred for white people that Jeremiah Wright expressed in the pulpit and that Barack Obama listened to without a peep of protest for 20 years.

And why shouldn’t blacks hate whites and want to kill them? Haven’t white liberals been telling blacks for 40 years that all blacks’ problems are whites’ fault? See my December 1993 article in American Renaissance, “Murder on the Long Island Railroad.”

As I’ve written much more recently at VFR:

Nonwhite violence against whites … is the ultimate concretization of white America’s abandonment of its leadership position in its own land, and of its inclusion of, embrace of, and surrender to nonwhite and non-Western peoples. It is where the rubber meets the road on the path to national suicide.

* * *

Here is a story on the arrest of a suspect a few days after the killing. The story contains an image of the suspect from the liquor store camera.

Arrest Made In Woman’s Stabbing Death
November 25, 2008

BALTIMORE—Baltimore County police said they’ve made an arrest in the slaying of a woman whose throat was cut while she was in line at a convenience store in Catonsville over the weekend.

Police charged David Aaron Briggs, 23, of Woodlawn, with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Aysha

Ring at Charring Cross Liquors on Saturday afternoon.

Detectives said they positively identified Briggs with physical evidence and video surveillance images of him taken at the crime scene. Police said they also found evidence at him home that connected him to the killing.

Police said Ring, 24, had walked into the liquor store at about 4 p.m. Saturday to buy something and was waiting at the counter when Briggs approached her from behind and stabbed her in the neck.

Briggs fled the scene, and Ring died shortly after being taken to Shock Trauma, according to investigators.

“This is a case that had members of our community rightfully alarmed and concerned,” said Baltimore County police Chief James Johnson at a press conference Tuesday.

Police are still unsure of a motive in the case and said they’re confident Briggs and Ring were strangers. [LA replies: Not true, they’ve known each other for 400 years.]

According to police, Briggs was on supervised probation for a 2007 burglary, but he wasn’t evaluated for mental illness and he won’t be in this case. They also said he doesn’t have any gang affiliations.

Briggs’ attorney in the 2007 burglary case told 11 News Tuesday that his client’s pre-sentence report showed he had no history of violence.

Briggs was denied bail Tuesday and is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Ring had served in the Corporate Internship Program at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. School officials said grief counselors were at the school Monday to help students cope.

A memorial scholarship has also been set up in Ring’s name. The Aysha Ring Memorial Scholarship Endowment will make an education possible for students from disadvantaged Baltimore city neighborhoods.

“Aysha demonstrated her care and concern in so many ways. She offered students advice, arranged for their safe transportation to work and held them to high expectations in school and in the workplace. Her memory will continue to provide for students through this endowment,” said school president The Rev. John Swope in a statement.

To contribute to the endowment, send a check payable to the school that’s clearly marked for the Aysha Ring Memorial Scholarship Endowment. They can be mailed to:

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
420 South Chester Street
Baltimore, Md. 21231

* * *

According to Richard E. Vatz writing on December 9 at a conservative blog The Baltimore Reporter, the accused, David Briggs, is going to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. The basis of the plea, Vatz writes, is that

Briggs was, again, according to the [Baltimore] Sun, “found naked Sunday night in the empty chapel of a homeless shelter in the Pittsburgh area.” He was also speaking apocalyptically and/or incomprehensibly. A perfect combination of events to infer that a killer is not to be held responsible for ending a completely innocent person’s life.

Speaking apocalyptically and incomprehensibly? How is that any different from Randall Robinson, Jeremiah Wright, Leonard Jeffries, Louis Farrakhan, Khalid Muhammad, John Muhammad, and any number of other ranting white-haters?

- end of initial entry -

David B. writes:

I just saw your post about the stabbing of the young woman in Baltimore. This morning when I turned on Tru TV’s In Session, Lisa Bloom was holding forth on the death penalty. “I’m against the death penalty. There is racial bias in its implementation,” Bloom said. Liberals repeat this over and over, but never seriously examine the issue, or don’t want to.

The death penalty is not imposed unless there are so-called Aggravating Factors, such as: there can be multiple victims; the suspect may have a long rap sheet; another crime such as rape or robbery may also have been committed; the victim(s) were tortured. Factors such as these usually tip the scales to a death penalty indictment. In the cases VFR has covered of black-on-white murder, you will notice that aggravating factors usually exist.

LA replies:

Excellent point.

Under our liberal laws, just killing a person in cold blood is not enough to get the death penalty. There must be these aggravating factors, showing greater criminality, greater depravity, greater cruelty. Black murderers exhibit such tendencies in their murders more than white murderers, and so get the death penalty more often.

Of course, if virtually all murderers got the death penalty (which in a moral society is the way it would be), the number of blacks executed would also be disproportionate, hugely so, because blacks commit murder at a far greater rate than whites. But if only especially cruel and hard-bitten murderers get the death penalty, as under the current system, black killers are still executed more than whites. The only way to eliminate the racial disproportionality in the death penalty would be, of course, to eliminate the death penalty.

I think that it will be along time before that happens. Americans—and I love them for it—deeply believe in capital punishment. In this regard, America is on a distinctly higher moral plane than other Western countries. I can’t think of anything more unjust, anything that is more of an outrage against the moral sense, than that the state allow a person to live out his or her natural life after he or she has deliberately and cruelly murdered another person. Our prisons today are filled with conscienceless murderers serving life sentences, eating, breathing, sleeping, looking at the sky, watching TV, reading books, exercising, working in the shop, writing letters, going online, getting visits from family and friends, even having conjugal visits, while their victims lie mouldering in the ground, and the victims’ families suffer for the rest of their lives. The bones of the victims, the very stones of the earth, cry out against this unjustice.

LA continues:

Lest anyone think I’m speaking in racial terms, I am a fan of such cable TV shows as “Snapped,” and “Forensic Files,” about real life murder cases. Almost all the murderers covered in these programs are middle-class white people, and almost all of them in my opinion deserve to die, but most of them get sentences ranging between 30 years and life without parole. Life without parole is not an insignificant sentence. But it’s no substitute for the death penalty.

December 20

LA writes:

Here is Richard Vatz again on the Aysha Ring murder, at another conservative blog, “Red Maryland: The Premier blog of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the Free State,” denouncing the insanity plea, in a December 8 entry:

I have written extensively on the rhetoric of the insanity plea and its invariably invalid manifestations in Maryland and throughout the country as well as its use in specific cases like the John Hinckley assassination attempt against President Ronald Reagan (Google “Vatz” and “insanity plea,” if you’re curious).

The insanity plea usually requires the defense to convince a jury and/or a judge that a defendant lacks either the ability to understand what he/she was doing or was unable to control his actions when he/she broke the law.

I have yet to come across a case which convinced me that either criterion was satisfied. When people kill, they almost without exception know what they are doing, and, equally without exception, they have complete control over their actions. [emphasis added.]

The insanity plea in a relative sense is successfully used rarely (1/4 of 1% in criminal cases), but that translates into many, many cases absolutely over time. It is another clever dodge by defense attorneys who know that juries and judges are easily mystified by strange behavior accompanying criminal and especially murderous activity.

Briggs’ attorney indicated he would file a “not criminally responsible” plea, Maryland’s version of the insanity plea.

But of course. No person intending to kill another person would ever take off his clothes and perform rituals. All murderers are completely normal except for their violent crimes.

Why did Briggs take off his clothes and talk strangely? I don’t know. I don’t care. Neither should you. Briggs, not so incidentally, had a criminal record—no surprise /there/.

What you should care about is the horrible death experienced by an innocent, Ms. Aysha D. Ring, and the effects on her loved ones and friends. I cannot find very many people overly concerned about her—certainly not attorneys, judges and others in the criminal justice and mental health systems who contribute to the occurrences of such travesties of justice.

Professor Vatz of Towson University is Associate Psychology Editor, USA Today Magazine and an editor of Current Psychology

I’d like to know how an outspoken conservative like Vatz has managed to hold editorial positions at two liberal publications!

Here’s a comment in that same entry:

Anonymous said…

Hey Vatz, I’m a former student of yours from 2005. While I do not share many of your conservative views I 100% echo your beliefs on insanity pleas. Aysha was actually a friend of mine from a while back and she was a great person. It’s so cliche but she could light up a room. If this guy gets “off” on a plea of not knowing right from wrong it will be monumental injustice for Maryland.

John B. writes:

I am tired of hearing that the lives of murder victims such as this Baltimore woman have been “tragically” cut short. No—they’ve been viciously cut short. But “viciously” would elicit the proper response: anger. “Tragically” anesthetizes. It elicits pity.

See La Griffe du Lion on race and the death penalty.

Ron K. writes:

Am I the only one to think it odd that a blue-eyed volunteer at a Jesuit high school is named after the child wife of Mohammed? In the birthplace of U.S. Catholicism, no less. Talk about national suicide.

What was her family thinking? She can’t have gotten the best counsel growing up.

Unfortunately, the Constitution explicitly bans what this man deserves, namely cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty is too prissy. Too First-World.

LA replies:

Another question I have is about the nature of the wound. Almost all the accounts say she was “stabbed in the neck,” not that her throat was slashed. “Stabbed in the neck” sounds odd, as though the killer stabbed the knife directly into the side of the neck, rather than cut the throat, meaning a lateral action across the soft, front part of the neck, or stabbed the throat, which is what you would expect given that the killer attacked her from behind.

But some accounts, like this, say that her “throat was slashed.” If that’s accurate, why the constant references to her “neck” being “stabbed,” which is not normal English usage for a throat slashing.

LA writes:

Looks as though Aysha Ring’s family has a case of the “Biehl’s.” this is posted at the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore where she worked:


The Aysha Ring Memorial Scholarship Endowment:

The Aysha Ring Memorial Scholarship Endowment has been established so that Aysha’s spirit may live on in the hearts and minds of members of the Cristo Rey Jesuit community. The endowment was created at the request of Aysha’s family who knew how much Aysha loved the school and its students. She demonstrated her care and concern in so many ways. She offered students advice, arranged for their safe transportation to work, and held them to high expectations in school and in the workplace. Her memory will continue to provide for students through this endowment, which will make a college preparatory education possible for students from disadvantaged Baltimore City neighborhoods.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to help make “students from disadvantaged Baltimore City neighborhoods” ready for college, and to “make a college preparatory education possible” for them, which apparently means supporting their tuition for private Catholic prepatory high schools such as Cristo Rey (see below). But the fact is that only among whites would you see something like this. A black man walks up to a white woman and slashes her throat (or stabs her neck), killing her, and, given what we know about the realities of black America, it’s overwhelmingly likely that he targeted her because she was white. And what does her grieving family do? Creates an endowment to help blacks. For white liberals looking for meaning, and in this case trying to make the death of their daughter meaningful, the only thing they can think of is a charity for blacks.

Again, I’m not putting down a Catholic preparatory school such as Cristo Rey that is aimed at educating poor blacks, I’m sure it does good work. But I would respect the Ring family infinitely more if they had set up an endowment aimed at raising the awareness of young white women to the danger they face from black men.

LA writes:

Here is information on Cristo Ray Jesuit High School. Obviously most of its students are black, but the school doesn’t sound liberal:


Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is a high school with a commitment, a commitment to young people to help them succeed in their lives with an affordable, quality education, and a commitment to the City of Baltimore that despite dire poverty in some neighborhoods, its youth will accomplish masterful things and lead lives of distinction.

The latest initiative of the Maryland Jesuits, Cristo Rey Jesuit is a new urban idea steeped in old values: opportunity, responsibility and forming young men and women for others. We offer a rigorous academic program based on the highest human values, including work. In partnership with local corporations, our students work five days each month to earn their education and to forge ties to the business world for life. In the classroom, our students learn about the world, and their role in it as leaders.

Small, safe, co-educational, college preparatory, Cristo Rey is for families and companies that want to tap the promise and profound energy of our young people.

Mark J. writes:

I’m wondering what sort of neighborhood this liquor store is in, and what an attractive young white woman doing there. The news story said the woman “had passed three men who had been playing Keno but had gone outside for a cigarette.” What kind of neighborhood has a liquor store where groups of black men hang around playing Keno? Probably a black neighborhood. Given that in her work “[s]he offered students advice, arranged for their safe transportation to work, and held them to high expectations in school and in the workplace,” it also sounds to me like she was working with minority children. Could this be another case of a young white liberal Eloi wandering like a lamb among the wolves, like that girl who was murdered in New Orleans late at night while riding her bicycle in a bad neighborhood?

LA replies:

See at the Red Maryland blog the two comments by Anonymous talking about “the politics of geography.” He goes into detail on exactly where in Baltimore this murder took place, though unfortunately he doesn’t make his point very clear.

By the way, it’s interesting reading a Maryland/Baltimore centered blog. It reminds me how there’s such a particularity about Baltimore, and about how writers and novelists from Baltimore, like Anne Tyler, dwell lovingly on the city.

Mark Jaws writes:

From what I have read in the FBI crime stats, blacks kill approximately 600 to 900 whites every year. Further, if we assume this rate has held constant for the past 40 years, we can tally approximately 30,000 whites killed by blacks since 1968. A majority of these murdered whites were probably innocent victims in the wrong place at the wrong time whose lives were savagely taken by blacks. So, my estimate jives with your assessment of ten times as many whites being having been murdered since 1960 than the number of blacks lynched throughout Jim Crow America.

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