Commander of U.S. Special Forces begs forgiveness of Afghan man

The commander of America’s Joint Special Operations Command, Vice Admiral William H. McRaven, whose headquarters is located at Fort Bragg, North Carolinia, went to a village in eastern Pakistan to ask forgiveness of a man whose two grown sons, along with two pregnant women and a teenaged girl, were killed in the man’s home by a Special Forces raid that had been based on false intelligence. In keeping with Pashtun custom, there was the symbolic slaughter of a sheep.

How could such a terrible mistake have been made? The man whose sons were killed, Haji Sharabuddin, believes that the Special Forces were given the faulty intelligence by an enemy of his, and he wants the spy to be identified by the U.S. authorities and handed over to Afghan authorities to be punished.

Furthermore, apart from the question of the false or deliberately malicious intelligence they may have been given, how did it happen that Special Forces soldiers burst into a home where a celebration was going on and killed five people, three of them women? The story, in the London Times (which was the sole media organ present at McRaven’s visit; see also Diana West’s commentary) does not explain that.

If one didn’t already know it, could anything show better the insanity of U.S. troops being involved in a civil war inside a tribal Muslim country?

Is there a single brain left in the U.S. government and the U.S. military? Why should we be surprised that the answer is no? As I’ve said about the Jews, belief in liberalism turns smart people into hopeless morons. The same applies even more to the specific form of liberal delusion that guides our Afghan policy: the conviction that we infidels can defeat “extremist” tribal Afghan Muslims by winning the hearts and minds of “moderate” tribal Afghan Muslims.

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