The fascist, Islamophobic America brought out by Wikileaks is really … hyper-liberal, Islam-loving America

Daniel S. writes:

The Wikileaks releases have apparently revealed that Pope Benedict has been opposed to EU membership for Muslim Turkey. On the other hand, they reveal just how actively the U.S. has been in advocating EU membership for Turkey. What you and other more sober-minded conservatives have said about what the leaks reveal about the true nature of America is demonstrated again: we are not seeing in these cables a right-wing America, but an America pushing the objectives of Islamic hegemony and empowerment.

LA replies:

We might see this, but it’s unlikely that liberals will see it. It is fundamental to the structure of their brains and the chemical balance of their neurotransmitters that Republicans are extreme right-wingers and that America is a right-wing country. For example, when you point out to liberals that GW Bush was an open borders proponent for brown immigrants and thus the very opposite of a right-winger and a white racist, they simply cannot take it in. It is like trying to teach English literature to a horse.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 11, 2010 01:48 PM | Send

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